Case Study #38: Dr. Howard Matt

Enjoy our latest Member Case Study, featuring Dr. Howard Matt! ClearPath Society® Silver Member, Dr. Howard Matt of Syosset, NY, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Matt’s primary goal was to generate new patients for his mature practice. After consulting with his Member […]

Should you use testimonials in your ads?

I’ve had a few questions recently centering around, “Jerry, should I include patient testimonials in my ads? Is it really necessary?” The short answer: A new pt advertisement without a testimonial is a tremendous lost opportunity. No question, when using proper testimonials in your ads, you’ll experience a bump in response. And, if every new […]

The Power of Others’ Opinions

You’ve probably heard this before: What someone else has to say about YOU and YOUR services is hundreds of times more powerful than anything YOU can say about YOU. If that’s true (which I believe it is, 100%), then your mission, this week, should you wish to accept it, is to create as many opportunities […]