THIS Conversation is Taking Place in Your Patients’ Homes Right Now…

Occasionally, my wife and I will talk dentistry. You might think we’d talk about it all the time, given her background and what I do everyday. But, in reality, the actual “delivery” of dental services doesn’t get a lot of talk time in our house. On the flip side, I do talk to her about […]

Why You Should See Young Patients

I had a doctor tell me earlier this week he saw no need to see younger patients in his office since so much of what he does is adult dentistry and very little pedo. This kind of narrow thinking can cost you in more than one way. I encourage my clients to see children as […]

the ‘Art’ of the Referral

Coming in December, for ClearPath members, I will be committing a large part of my newsletter content to this very topic, the Art of the Referral. Why? Yesterday, after switching from one insurance co. to another (From Farmers to State Farm), recently, I noted the “intake” process my new agents used. It was brilliant – […]