We’ve All Got ‘Em: One-visit patients that never return

Every dental practice, every business out there, has this problem. They invest a ton of cash to generate a new patient, client, customer. People call, show up, buy whatever. But, the worst possible thing happens…after they leave, they don’t refer anyone and they never return. The relationship is short-lived and extremely UNprofitable. Not a single […]

The Results Are In…What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to help me out by answering a survey about your biggest challenges in business and the results are in: 1. Getting new patients was the number 1 challenge that dentists faced in their practice. 2. Operating as an effective CEO of your practice was the second challenge […]

Case Study #43: Dr. Daniel Binkowski

One-month old start-up practice owner, ClearPath Society® Member and proficient call tracking aficionado, Dr. Daniel Binkowski, has been with the ClearPath Society® since February 2017. Daniel was referred to us by Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. As adept as Dr. Binkowski is at using our Ad Systems to further his dental business he is […]

Hot off the Presses…Life, Liberty and Happiness Mini-magazine’s Commemorative August edition!

This month’s LLH publication will knock your socks off; a commemorative issue that will feature the Solar Eclipse…sure to be a keepsake for your clients.  And who do they have to thank…you! If you’re not already using LLH as a simple way to keep your clients engaged, you should consider it.  Contact your Member Ambassador […]

I’m not the only one…what Farran and Workman think of “Offers” for New Patients

For over two decades and for the last 15 of those years, I’ve put into practice both in my own dental office and 100s of others: Leveraging new patient offers to induce a patient (or convince) to make an appointment as a new patient. And, I’m not alone. Two of the most successful dentists in […]

Dental Media Mistakes – What Was Old is New Again – Part 3

We knew you were excited to hear more! Here is the continuation of Ron’s tips for avoiding dental media mistakes. To see the 1st and 2nd mistakes, simply scroll down to their respective posts on July 13th and July 17th. TV/Radio Mistake #3: Improper use of the media: There are only three reasons you should […]

Dental Media Mistakes – What Was Old is New Again – Part 2

We knew you were excited to hear more! Here is the continuation of Ron’s tips for avoiding dental media mistakes. To see the 1st mistake, simply scroll down to the post on July 13th. TV/Radio Mistake #2 Listening to the ad reps: I’ve never met a TV or radio ad rep that hasn’t believed your […]

Dental Media Mistakes – What Was Old is New Again

In the 1950’s, TV and radio shows were a staple for dental advertisers like Colgate, Ammident and Gleem.  They were big companies who did TV and radio advertising right.  Believe it or not, the same response principles for radio and TV back then works today.  The difference is today, most dentists aren’t employing the tested […]

We’re different…and different is good.

We get one question a lot here at Jerry Jones Direct: “Why is your marketing so much different yet far more effective than other co’s out there in the dentalsphere?” Bluntly, it’s different for the simple reason that it’s more effective. “But…why is it more effective? Inquiring minds want to know…tell me, Jerry!” “Ah, patience Grasshopper…” While we’ve had […]

Former Harvard Professor With Whom I Can Actually Agree

I’m not a big watcher of youtube or TV. In fact, I stay away from both. There are but few shows that capture my attention and they generally have lessons for living a sound personal and business life because I seek that kind of information. And, if I get entertainment from it, great. For the […]