The Results Are In…What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to help me out by answering a survey about your biggest challenges in business and the results are in: 1. Getting new patients was the number 1 challenge that dentists faced in their practice. 2. Operating as an effective CEO of your practice was the second challenge […]

Free Lunch If I’m Wrong About Dentistry Confidential

Business is tough. It can be a grind, man. Layer the clinical practice of dentistry on top…and you’ve got a double-whammy of a tough day. Thing is, me and the business side of dentistry are real close. Like you, I’ve got a dental “practice.” (I call it an “office”) Fortunately (very), I don’t have the […]

We’re different…and different is good.

We get one question a lot here at Jerry Jones Direct: “Why is your marketing so much different yet far more effective than other co’s out there in the dentalsphere?” Bluntly, it’s different for the simple reason that it’s more effective. “But…why is it more effective? Inquiring minds want to know…tell me, Jerry!” “Ah, patience Grasshopper…” While we’ve had […]

How he hits his $12,000 per day goal

What Successful Dentists Are Doing To Grow Their Practices Every Month Have you heard of the Business of Dentistry audio series, Dentistry Confidential®? For years, it’s been a resource for Dentists to learn and earn while driving their cars or walking the dog, all while listening to fun, educational and interesting audios. In fact, audios […]