On Achievement, Prosperity & Envy – by Dan S. Kennedy

The following article is provided by my friend and mentor (and guest blogger!), Dan S. Kennedy. Check it out… Jerry Oscar Wilde said: “It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” There’s nothing wrong with both, of course. Those who insist that money doesn’t buy happiness are usually short on money, […]

The Truth About Quitting – Dan S. Kennedy

The following is an article provided by Guest Blogger, Dan S. Kennedy. Dan is both friend and mentor to me. ~Jerry My father told me that the reason doctors whack babies on the ass immediately after they are born is to communicate a fundamental truth they need to know to survive: outside the womb, life […]

70+ year Old Marketing Secrets Revealed…

I’ve made no secret about it. I’m a Dan Kennedy fan. In fact, I’ve been featured in several of his books over the years, and, most recently, in a book he co-authored with my good friend Chip Kessler. The book’s title is, “Making Them Believe,” and it’s a rather interesting real-life tale of an early […]

REVEALED: Dentistry’s New Truth Teller

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a very exciting, very big announcement for you today. For those of you who’ve been around my writing and/or a client, you’ll recognize what’s up. For almost 15 years, I have worked inside the dental “niche.” First, as a newsletter editor for a dental/financial newsletter. Then, later, […]

What Might Be Drawn Out, Not What More Can We Stuff In

The following is from guest-blogger, Dan S. Kennedy. More about Dan at the end of his article. ~Jerry There is an old joke about the Farm Bureau agent trying to convince the grizzled farmer to attend the upcoming educational conference being put on by the Bureau. The resistant farmer says: “Aw, no need. I ain’t […]

How to Get Rich in UNrich Times

Why People Fail A series of No B.S. Articles from Dan Kennedy How To Get Rich In ‘Un-Rich Times’ In the Renegade Millionaire System, I dispense this advice: #1: BE the Wizard, #2: BEWARE the Wizard. Wizards are very powerful, so it is better to be one than to be influenced by one. Everybody welcomes […]