What can this $20,000,000 man teach you about success in dentistry?

The AADPA’s National Meeting takes place this year in St. Petersburg, FL, March 2-4. Two of the speakers on the roster for the meeting include Mr. Ty Bennett and Mr. Jerry Jones. Each appear in the preview webinar video below, providing some “teasers” for the upcoming event. More information is available at aadpa.org. About Ty […]

How Any Dentist Can Go From Struggling to Success in 2017

What Differentiates Winning Dentists From Those Struggling? A great question, right? Depending on your state of mind right now, the answer may surprise you. Then again, you may not be surprised, and instead, just frustrated. The answer is simple. And, for many reading this, the frustrated dentist who knows a better future is ahead of […]

Your “Associations” Matter – One to Consider and One to Re-Consider

When you make a decision to join an association in dentistry, how much thought goes into that? When (if) you joined the ADA, was it an automatic? Was that decision influenced by others around you? Are you getting all you can from that relationship to include an ROI? Who you associate with on a professional […]

What dental association does this?

Dental associations are all over. There are more than you and I can count together on our fingers and toes. Just for fun, I googled, “Dental Associations” and was served up 1,880,000 page results. I lost interest, as do most, after the first page. Every state has one, many counties even have them (study clubs), […]

[Video] Underground practice management association?

A few years back, I was introduced to what I believe is the world’s #1 practice management association. I was conducting a mastermind meeting and one of my Members approached me after and began to tell me about this amazing group he was part of which consisted of dentists and other dental industry thought leaders. […]

Who You Associate With Determines Your Success

I learned this lesson early: Surround yourself with great people who’re smarter than you and have achieved what you’re hoping to. If you hang out with folks who’re barely getting by due to poor self-esteem, unhealthy personal habits, or stinkin’ thinkin’, then you’ll find yourself held back. Dentistry is challenging in this way. There are […]