Success Stories

JJD Members “Spill The Beans”

From Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki, Honolulu, HI:

The new Modern Retro FSI went out today. I am testing it for the first time. It’s working great. My office got 10 calls in the first two hours since we opened at 8:00 am and the calls are still coming in. The staff could barely keep up with the calls, which is a good problem to have.This is the third FSI we’ve done in the last four months for a total of a little over 75,000 FSIs dropped. So far these FSIs have resulted in a whole bunch of new patients. I have never had a marketing piece draw as many new patient calls in a short a time as these FSI’s. Since my son, Dr. David Miyasaki has recently joined my practice, these new patients make it a lot easier for me to sleep at night.I would like to thank you and your staff, especially your designer, Sissel, for all the help selecting the right offers from your vast array of choices, tailoring the ads to my practice, and doing all the “little things” to get the FSIs printed and distributed on schedule to the right audience. It’s a great relief knowing I can rely on your ads to produce new patients, your team to reliably execute each drop, and all these new patients to put money in the bank.Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki, Honolulu, Hawaii

From: “Scott Seier” <******@****.net>
Subject: NP numbers and olive branch letter
Date: May 1, 2015 at 2:07:21 PM PDT
To: Jerry A. Jones

Jerry,NP numbers are still good, 90-100 the last few months. Also great job on the olive branch series and the tax refund letter, brought in a lot of treatment.Scott

From Dr. Sean Tarpenning:

From Jonathan Glatt, DMD, Lakewood, NJ

Hello all, happy new year!!   Our first FSIs went out today…holy s***!!  Been open only 5 hours…10 NP scheduled already from the insert.  WOW!

From Dr. Joe Barker, Searcy, AR

I just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for all of your help. You and Jerry were most helpful to me at a time in my practice when I needed help. Your willingness to help was and is greatly appreciated. The advice and help that you both provided was timely and exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling again. So please allow me to say it once again, THANK YOU!

From Dr. Gordon Roeder, Quakertown, PA

Hi Jerry. Your marketing is driving in patients via the FSI like crazy. I have been averaging 20-30 new patients a month just from your $29 FSI and have no openings for weeks. I need a dentist to help asap. I am waiting in anticipation with the information you gain from your Denver meeting with regards to getting quality Associates/Partners that want to stay and grow with the business. Thanks again and I  can’t wait to hear from you. Take care. Gordon

From Dr. John James Dannon, Canaan, CT

Hi Jerry,
I’m a new member – Couldn’t be more beneficial from what you have sent me. Shipping was expedited and the specific topic I had mentioned was included. I am very happy and look forward to working with you in the future.
Best, John

From Maria M, East Aurora, NY, Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Office

Jerry,Happy New Year! …I used your “end of the year” holiday blessings letter and we scheduled close to $20k in production in December and January! THANK YOU!Maria M. East Aurora, NY

From Jeff Prager Bellingham, WA

From Jackie @ Dr. Norm Saager’s Office, Milton-Freewater, OR

Dr. Saager appreciates all that we have gathered and learned from your company. Please note that he feels our time spent with your company has been very beneficial and would recommend you to other dental practices.I would  also like to thank you for all your help. I loved the round table experience and feel that our marketing program has finally come together. Our numbers have increased significantly and we have been able to move forward despite all the obstacles that were in our way in the beginning. I have increased office production and decreased over head with the simple things I learned from the round table experience and visiting the portal regularly. We have exceeded our new patient goals so we keep setting new ones to reach. We have added an in house payment program, a referral program, a bleach club membership, staff bonus system, created a new website and started putting on our own seminars. We have a monthly news letter that our patients love and compliment. We have changed our confirmation system and upgraded our front office. All this has proved positive with our patients and our referral program reflects this. Special thanks to Jack for being available when I needed his help. I really appreciated it.~Jackie Speed, Office Manager, Dr. Norman Saager, Broadway Dental, Milton-Freewater, Oregon

From Dr. Vip Patel, Warwick, NY

FYI: I used your new patient FSI for two drops costing $1800.00 and so far have produced $46,000.  Needless to say we are going to run it again. We also used your denture ad: cost $1800 and production about $6000.Vipul J. Patel, DDS FICOI
Warwick Valley Dental, PC

From Jeffrey R. Prager, DDS, D.ACSDD

Hi Jerry,The retro Insert hit this am (18,500 papers)….WITHOUT the $29 cleaning offer. It’s 10:00am and we’ve had…………………………10  APPOINTMENTS ALREADY!!!!!!! WOWWOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. I haven’t had a response like that for years!!Thank you very much!!

Mr. Jeff Palmer

Jerry, Just finished my first Practice Profit Insider™; thank you for a very relevant, informative, entertaining and useful publication.

Sally Sloane | Dr. Timothy Pfister’s Office

Hi Jerry…I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your assistance on our FSI ads and to let you know how they did. The Invisalign ad kicked a**! It brought in approximately 25 new patients in a one- month time frame… So we are loving the Invisalign ad… Thank you

Gordon Shlom, DDS

I have been listening to several ‘coaches’ for the past years and feel that the information I receive from you is the most easy and honestly correct information to implement of them all!  I always learn something that resonates with me and that we can implement right away. I find the little things add up.
As a Gold Member, I especially like the ML/MD Office Gold Newsletter.

Dr. Phelan Thomas

Jerry, direct, keen, forthright, insightful, great communicator and to the point. I will make you proud!

Carl Futenma, DDS

Jerry, my ClearPath Society® Membership is worth every penny!

Gigi Huynh, DDS

I recently joined ClearPath® Society after reading Jerry’s information via his email newsletter for several months and asking him a number of different questions about marketing, what he was doing, what was working for other dentists in my area. He was always prompt to answer my emails, and, even spoke to me on the phone when I called with additional questions. As I told Jerry, I’m not much of a ‘joiner’ of Societies, but after getting comfortable with what Jerry was doing, what he was asking of his ClearPath® Society Members, how he delivered value, I knew I’d be a good fit and be able to really make this work. I’m excited about the future of my practice.

Sean Tarpenning, DDS

Jerry…Olive Branch #1… over 30 calls yesterday (day 1) for ‘Cindy.’ Very well done, and thank you. 24 New Patients have scheduled from your Invisalign FSI…I think I’ll mail it again ;). – 5+-year client

Brian Handel, DMD

Thanks for all your great info!

Lew Richardson, DDS

Hey, I know that you’ve seen better results from others but I’m still very happy. 10 patients from the reactivation campaign in the first week. 5 patients following your Facebook advice in the ClearPath Society® newsletter in two weeks. So 15 ‘butts in chairs’ that wouldn’t have been there. Thanks and I know it will grow. Lookin’ forward to your next newsletter! – long-time client

JD Murray, DDS

Hi Jerry, Just mailed my ‘guilt-free’ cards on 8/10. On 8/13 my second new patient in the office gets approved and appointed for a $6800 case. Her last dentist was one block away and didn’t feel comfortable doing what she needed. Jerry, you’re the man! – Long-time, 10+ year client

Eric Greenhalgh, DDS

Hey Jerry, I have been pouring over your blog [] and do enjoy it. Good stuff. I look forward to working with you and extracting your info……..and growing with The ClearPath Society®.
– Father was a client, now son

Dr. Vineet Sohoni

Hi Jerry, Thanks for taking time out to speak with me. The information was very helpful and I really felt energized after our conversation. You are really awesome for sharing with us your insight into marketing and practice mgmt.

John Busby, DDS, Affiliated Dentists

I have had the opportunity to work with Jerry Jones for 10+ years. The innovative ideas and creative marketing plans have increased new patients, increased patient retention, increased revenues and ultimately increased profits. His “outside the box” thinking has opened new venues to attract new patients. Our group continues to expand our use of Jerry Jones Direct products and services because they provide proven, consistent, positive results. Our most recent multi-channel direct response campaign with Jerry brought in well over 80 patients.

Dr. Carleigh Prane

Jerry…the reactivation campaign went pretty well…We had just under 200 patients on our list to reactivate. I think we recaptured about 10, but it more than paid for itself. One patient alone has already done over $5,000 in treatment.

Dr. Lon Peckham

Jerry, Thanks again for another home run! Your last FSI [free standing insert] just brought in $15,000! Printing and distribution were under $800. So I guess I’m going to have to pay up my membership again this month. Seriously, you are “the gift that keeps on giving.” Did you know that phrase was patented in 1924 by the Victor Talking Machine Company? As long as you keep on talking, I’ll keep on making money!

Sean Tarpenning

I really think you are the best thing going right now in the world of Dental marketing, and, honestly, I’ve been around the block with a ton of marketing companies …

Dr W.D. Fain – Prescott, AR

Jerry, we’re so busy since using some of your techniques that I need help finding another dentist.

Dr. Vip Patel, Warwick, NY, shares his thoughts about Jerry Jones Direct’s ClearPath Society in this short audio: