It’s always exciting to get updates from Members and see how they are progressing in their practice. Today, I’ll share with you an exciting update from one of our start-up practice Members.

Silver ClearPath Society® Member, Dr. Alexis Mierzwa, Winchester, Virginia, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct by Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. We first did a case study on Dr. Mierzwa about a year ago, which was about 6 months after opening her brand-new scratch practice.

Now that the doctor has been a Member for about 18 months, we thought it a good idea to look at the monthly marketing and what it’s helped her accomplish.

The simple answer: Dr. Mierzwa does regular monthly postcard mailings and hasn’t missed a month since her opening in mid-September 2015 (about 6000 pieces via 2 drops of approximately 3,000, about 2 weeks apart).

As an example of call volume, from November 1, 2016 through January 30, 2017, Dr. Mierzwa has received over 83 calls from just this single postcard and they keep coming. Her cost per new patient is well under the national average by over $100!

Alexis Mierzwa Call Log

Above, you’ll see a “by month” snapshot of her most recent call log results. Our most successful marketing piece for her office so far has been a universally successful piece we developed here at JJD several years ago and is strictly proprietary, reserved for Member-use only. It’s large — the largest postcard you’ll see mailed by anyone. And, it’s designed to be intentionally disruptive and different than anything the recipient has ever seen.What’s even MORE exciting is that Dr. Mierzwa, in late 2016, hired her first associate, just a little more than 12 months after opening her doors! That speaks to the growth opportunity available when smart marketing (JJD) meets great site selection (Ideal Practices).

With big chain dentistry ever encroaching on solo practices and because they have the ability to spend thousands of dollars per new patient rather than hundreds, we are very proud that Dr. Mierzwa has been able to reach more and more patients in her area.

And, as a Member of JJD’s ClearPath Society®, Dr. Mierzwa has continuous access to both a dedicated, experienced Designer and a Member Ambassador, along with our Founder, Jerry Jones, all of whom are responsible for guiding doctors through the successful deployment of Membership strategies, tools, and techniques.

Alexis has been an amazing Member — she’s energetic, does what needs to be done and has a personality that patients find open and magnetic. She understands that dentistry is a business and that if you can’t, won’t or don’t win on the business side, you can’t be a successful clinician!

We have no doubt her practice will be continue to be incredibly successful!

This is a great example of what having a team supporting your vision and goals behind you can mean to your success in practice!

What’s more, phone success training, which is included with Membership, has also been an important part of Dr. Mierzwa’s success with JJD!

To learn more about JJD’s ClearPath Society, and the marketing program used by Dr. Mierzwa, reach out. We’re available via phone or email! 503-339-6000 or

In addition, if you want the kind of results Dr. Mierzwa is experiencing, consider attending a future Jerry Jones Direct New Patient Extravaganza Event. Info @