Solo Practice is Dead

Is Solo Practice DEAD?


BIG Dentistry squeezing your profits? Feeling the effects of Walmart pricing in your area?

Frustrated with the business side of dentistry?

Dear Doctor:

Like it or not, dentistry is changing…commoditization is on the horizon for every solo practitioner… While solo practice is DEAD for most that refuse to adapt and change, it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU.

And, whether you’ve hit a ceiling, struggling to grow, or, are in good shape and want to continue to grow a leading practice in your area, there is hope.

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But first, you must understand the forces at work in the marketplace and know what you can do to WIN against BIG Dentistry by taking steps to de-commoditize your practice, NOW. That is the ONLY way your practice will survive.

If you’re ready to fight to save your practice, grow your bottom line profits bigger, faster than ever before, all while “sticking it” to BIG Dentistry, act now to claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation DVD/CD valued at $199, De-Commoditizing Dentistry: How to Compete Against Big Dentistry & WIN!


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