Unless you’re a Profit Insight® Member of mine, you deserve to be a little P.O.’d, as in pissed off.

Right now, you are spending money – some amount – maybe it’s $1000 a month, maybe it’s $20,000 a month – to market your practice.

Problem is, your marketing company can’t give you any sort of definitive analysis on any of the following:

  • What’s working
  • How well
  • If your team is answering the phones
  • If a voicemail has been left
  • How much it cost to lose that prospective pt to a voicemail
  • How well your team is answering the phones
  • What the lifetime value of your patients are
  • How much every new patient is worth (that you get or miss due to an unanswered phone or poorly handled call – happens EVERY DAY!)
  • How much any one (or multiple) marketing events returned as a multiple of your investment
  • And so much more…

I’d like to blame them – that’d be easy.

Thing is, I don’t think they know how to help you. Maybe if they did…

Nah. Probably not. (After all, it’s hard work.)

They just want you to keep doing what you’re doing…Spending money with them, without any accountability.

That’s every advertising agency’s wet dream…a client who gives them a credit card number and just says, “Get me some patients. Whatever it takes.”

In fact, one time, in jest, I heard a guy I respected say, “I like slow clients with deep pockets.”


Our new Profit Insight® Marketing Analytics and Coaching System solves every single issue with the traditional marketing approach and agency, and more.

Tired of not getting the answers you need to be able to make smart decisions to grow your practice?

Can’t say I blame you.

So, hop no over to schedule your free Discovery Session with Kevin in my office, today.

After it, you just might elect to join the growing ranks of JJD Members who plainly see that marketing and investment in marketing is no longer a mystery.

Profit Insight® removes the hand-wringing angst, the uncertainty about what to do, when and how, the wasted efforts and wasted thousands (tens of thousands) the traditional practice will spend on marketing.

Schedule your Discovery Session, here, now: https://jerryjonesdirect.com/profit-insight

No sense in being pissed off anymore. That just takes too much energy…Adios,Jerry

PS. I’ll be blunt here and do a little psychological take-away tactic: Our Profit Insight® program is not for everyone. Docs who’re happy with the status quo or are retiring in the next few months – don’t bother. What we share with you will, seriously, upset you more, especially when you see the amount of money wasted from not knowing more about your marketing results.

You’ll see why the old saying from Wannamaker is 100% right on the money, and I’ll summarize it here: “I know 50% of my advertising is wasted. Problem is, I don’t know which 50%.”

Schedule your Discovery Session, here, now: https://jerryjonesdirect.com/profit-insight