“Should I place an ad in this magazine?”

I get this question a lot. In fact, recently from a ClearPath Member.

Here’s the actual question:

I was approached by a company that publishes books distributed to golf country clubs and they have exclusive ads which are run by category (Dentist, etc). The book is published 1x/year. Cost is $600 for half page, $800 for full page. In my area, it will go to 5-6 country clubs. I am not sure how many are actually in the hands of members as they have to actually pick one up and take it with them. None are mailed.
Question- Do you think it is worth my doing this? If you think I should try this, do you have any ads already set up that applies to this upscale market? I need to decide by Monday on this. Gets published in 3-4 weeks.

Here’s the answer I gave:

If you can afford to gamble the $600, give it a shot. Otherwise pour your money into proven places. I’d go with a simple new pt offer. You could try a sedation ad, but, if you run a NP offer and emphasize an additional consult for sedation, then you can’t lose.

Another thought: they probably won’t be running over with money, so offer them $700 for a full page instead of their requested $800. Tell them that’s all you have in the budget for something that is purely experimental in nature.

Guess what?

The magazine publisher agreed to the $700 rate.

Remember: If ya don’t ask, ya don’t get. This simple tactic can save you thousands of dollars a year. I always ask, “Is the money better off in my hands or someone else’s?”

Answer’s always: MINE.

Enjoy. Profit. Tell me your negotiation stories below!