A long, long, long-time client of mine and I had an email exchange the other

I had just finished listening to a few of the calls one of his offices (he has
multiple locations and multiple doctors working with and for him and
he’s part of my ClearPath Society GOLD level) had taken and I just about
had a coronary…for him.

So, I shared the calls. While he sipped on a stiff distillation on the rocks.

After hearing the calls, both of us needed one. And, while he didn’t
complain of chest pain, I could “sense it” in his emails back to me.

The doc had paid DEARLY to get the phone to ring with interested potential
new patients.

(Our New Patient Voodoo isn’t ‘cheap,’ but it’s extremely effective and pays
for itself and then some!)

And, this poor gal was runnin’ them off and didn’t even realize she was
doing the docs a major disservice and costing them THOUSANDS of dollars
in revenue — all in the span of just two simple phone calls.

And I’m not kidding when I say THOUSANDS. In a month, she’d cost the docs
tens of thousands.

She’s nice and all, but just communicating all the wrong things to these nice
folks that just wanted to get in to see the doctor.

So, what’s a Doc to do? I mean, how do you solve this?

Well, you can hire some dreamy consultant that’s never made payroll for a
dental office in his life for the princely sum of $100,000 (payments of only
$9999 per month for 10 months).

Or, you can “try” to solve it yourself and piss your staff off. Because, after all,
if they were doing it “wrong” why didn’t you tell them 15 years ago when they
started, right?

Oh, and my favorite approach: Do nothing.

It’s not really my favorite.

It’s the worst approach. Even the “dreamy consultant” is better than doing nothing. Because,
believe it or not, you *might* get some long-term value from that. And, at least your team will
think he’s “hot…”

Or, you can hire a legit professional phone sales person like my friend Chris Mullins.

(She ain’t cheap nor should she be for what she can do for an office.)

Another option – perhaps the best of all:

Get my 13-CD Audio Training Course with workbook and handy flip-chart.

And, you know what? I actually HIRED Mullins and paid her a HUGE (as in well over 5-
figures) sum to create the most bad A** Dental Office Phone Training System, EVER.

But the thing is, I don’t sell it.

But, I do GIVE IT away.

And, here’s what it’ll do for you…It will

1) Make them (your team) aware of the issue (Awareness is the first step to solving ANY problem)

2) Put the RIGHT information in front of them on the proper way to handle people that call the
office looking for a new dentist, or, that just have questions

3) And, it provides LIFETIME, ongoing, Phone Training!

How cool is that?

(But, like I said, I don’t sell it.)

I mean, you can talk to your front office, even TRAIN them on how to
answer phones, but, chances are, without constant, gentle, even SUBTLE
2×4-like reminders, ONGOING, constant professional training, etc., most
folks fall back into bad habits.


If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll drop a little package into the mail
for ya.

It’ll outline all the details on how to get this incredible System, FREE.

It’s easily a $3,000 value, and, that first month, could quickly bring you
another 5, 10, maybe 15 or 20 new patients that you’re not getting now,
simply because your team hasn’t quite developed the finesse required
to harvest and take advantage of every new patient opportunity that
presents itself.

So…Doc…email me your name and address and I’ll fire it out to you.

There’s no obligation, of course.

But, wouldn’t it be cool to get lifetime phone training for your team?

And, a course to teach them, without them ever having to travel?

Without EVER having to gripe at ’em?

All the while, increasing your profits every month.

P.S. If you’re just impatient as heck like I am, and want to get this
training NOW (13-CDs, workbook, flipchart and lifetime PHONE
coaching), email me your mailing address and I’ll rush out a package
to you MONDAY. OK? All the details will be inside.

Now, go have some fun today and stop worrying about business.