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America is on the Move! Be the Dentist New Movers Call When They Settle in!

Our turn-key, hands-off NEW MOVER MARKETING PROGRAM captures the New Mover Market, and gives you a simple, no-worry, no hassle program to make the best first impression on new movers near your office.

We’ve taken all the guesswork, long hours and tediousness out of generating New Patients from New Movers. In fact, ours is the “EASIEST NEW MOVER PROGRAM” available today!

To maximize your return on investment, after decades of testing, we follow FIVE Simple Rules for effective New-Mover communications…

1) Carefully chose your list (there is a RIGHT and WRONG new mover list!)
2) AVOID using mailing labels if at all possible,
3) ALWAYS use the RIGHT kind of stamp,
4) ALWAYS include an offer, a “grabber” and a tight deadline; and,
5) NEVER mail just one time!

To take advantage of our proven New Patients from New Movers program, contact us today.

Sean Tarpenning, DDS
EU Claire, WI
{Jerry…Olive Branch #1… over 30 calls yesterday (day 1) for ‘Cindy.’ Very well done, and thank you. 24 New Patients have scheduled from your Invisalign FSI…I think I’ll mail it again ;). - 5+-year client