On Wednesday, two days ago, I sent out two requests for quotes to different companies, neither of which I have worked with before.

One responded right away, saying they would get back to me.

The other? Nothing. Not a call. Not an email. Not even an acknowledgment I contacted them.

And, I guess, just as bad, the first hasn’t gotten back to me, YET. And, it’s Friday. Afternoon. And, both are now closed (I’m west coast, they are east coast).

Maybe I’m just expecting too much?

Granted, this isn’t a life-changing project for the vendor, but it’s an opportunity for them to take even more business away from a vendor I’m quickly losing patience with. So, I could be a “good score” for someone.

Maybe I should have our esteemed President call ’em and rattle their cage a bit?

I’m trying to run a business, generate revenue and a profit whilst keep people employed. I assume the other two companies I contacted (and the one that I’m still working with but who knows for how much longer) are attempting the same, but with such terribly rampant incompetence (and probably incontenence), I question their ability to even do the job based on their lack of interest in providing a quote…

If the “dating” sucks, why even attempt to get married, right? It’s not going to get better. And, I’m not interested in training a company that I am enriching, how to do business. I’ve got my own show(s) to run.

Are you having these problems in your business? Do what you should do: end the relationship before it gets started.

It’s just easier that way. No point in prolonging the patient’s death, eh?