As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a very exciting, very big announcement for you today. For those of you who’ve been around my writing and/or a client, you’ll recognize what’s up.

For almost 15 years, I have worked inside the dental “niche.” First, as a newsletter editor for a dental/financial newsletter. Then, later, buying the company, expanding it to include turn-key dental practice marketing and advertising services, dental business coaching, opening 3 dental offices, two of which were fee-for-service, from-scratch practices, both still operating, and one in which I am still involved (it experienced a 25.3% increase in cash revenues in 2009 under my guidance). Plus, I’ve authored numerous books about the business of dentistry.

In all actuality, the most important thing you should know about me is that I’ve been responsible (directly or indirectly) for generating well over 250,000 patients for my clients, probably more than any other one man on this planet.

I’ll be candid: I’m a guy that loves business, loves the dental industry and enjoys sharing what I learn from and with other like-minded souls. Most of my success in dentistry, in such a short period of time, is due to heeding the advice of one of my very first mentors found at a little ol’ Spring Break seminar in the small beach town of Destin, Florida.

Maybe you were there that year?

Who did I find that has so dramatically affected my income, lifestyle and business success at Destin? In a moment I’ll reveal his identity, but first let me tell you a little about him and what this all has to do with you receiving 2 free issues of my brand-new publication, the DENTAL PRACTICE MARKETING ADVISORY LETTER.

For almost 15 years, I’ve followed his advice. Paid him well over $100,000 in fees, royalties, dues, memberships and consulting. Attended his in-person seminars – some of which were close to $5000 per person. Some to meet with him and other successful entrepreneurs (including 2 to 3 dentists at any given time) in a “small group” setting, 3 to 4-times each year for five years.

Now, here’s why this is important to you: Every time I’ve given him any sum of money, I’ve received an enormous multiple of my investment back, in short order, just by following his advice.

If you had access to someone like this, what would you do? Get all you could from him whenever you could, right?

This genius I’ll introduce you to has played a key role, in the now, $1.2-billion dollar company, Guthy-Renker. Their most successful TV infomercials and brands, including PerfectSmile® (a huge success over several years) and the #1 acne treatment product in America, ProActiv®. It’s significant that Dan was advising them the very first year they launched ProActiv® – and was just retained in 2010 to help re-invent its advertising and marketing. Oh, and before you jump to any conclusions about that business being all TV, with celebrities like Victoria Principal, Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy, etc., here’s a secret: direct-mail, free-standing newspaper inserts and print media are very much part of this success story. Dan’s other health clients past and present, include Weight-Watchers® International, Amway® Corporation, Miracle-Ear® (over 1,400 offices), HealthSource™ (over 200 chiropractic clinics), as well as a Who’s Who of top dental practice advisors, coaches and consultants. In short, he knows how to get consumers to respond to offers to improve their health and personal appearance – and has access to millions of dollars of insider consumer research and this unique experience that no one else has when advising dentists about their marketing.

He also influences, directly, over 1 million(!) business owners annually through his writing, blog, books (best-selling author of the now-famous No B.S. Series) and event appearances. For almost a decade, he and Zig Ziglar were the only two constants on a 25 to 27- city seminar tour, addressing audiences from 10,000 to as large as 35,000, appearing with four former US Presidents. He’s also appeared on programs with Donald Trump and Gene Simmons (KISS), too. His business savvy crosses through and is highly productive in all industries and niches – and works for any business that has a customer, client or patient.

Some doctors have been securing and using his advice for over 30 years!

Perhaps you’ve seen him speak at dental conferences such as Dr. Woody Oakes’ Excellence In Dentistry where I first met him, or Dr. Tom Orent’s boot camps (where I’ve also been a speaker)?

Now, here’s the important point…

My all-new DENTAL PRACTICE MARKETING ADVISORY LETTER is unlike anything you’ve set sights on. Ever. And here’s how it affects you, your practice, your income:

I’ve just retained, albeit at a very significant investment (he charges $18,800 a day for consulting time) this GENIUS as chief contributor of my all-new DENTAL PRACTICE MARKETING ADVISORY LETTER.

He promised to hold nothing back and agreed to share his most brilliant, effective and efficient patient attraction, retention, and business/practice-building strategies amalgamated from over 140 different businesses and niches, in his 35-year career, converting them to print and… actionable USE right in the very pages of what will undoubtedly become one of dentistry’s most influential business publications, bar-none.

[Just apply these strategies to convert ‘em to cash. That’s all that’s left for you to do.]

So, who is this mystery expert?

Dan Kennedy

You’ll immediately recognize Dan as the “No B.S.” guy – the professor of Harsh Reality – the millionaire maker.

His numerous, high-content books have earned spots on the BusinessWeek and best-seller lists and the INC. 500 LIST of ‘100 Best Business Books’…been praised far and wide, in Success Magazine, Forbes, and hundreds of trade journals including those in dentistry, chiropractic, podiatry and law. (Even lawyers pay attention to Dan’s practice marketing advice. Dan says he feels a bit guilty helping them, but feels good about making them pay.)

Hooking up with Dan and I via print, once-a-month or more is practically a guarantee of an increased income. In fact, I will boldly guarantee it!

Ready to peel open the first issue so you can get a sneak peak at just a few of the strategies Dan covers? (You’ll receive it and one other issue which are both ready to be RUSHED to you via First Class Mail upon your immediate reply, along with up to $1241 in FREE Bonuses, too!)

Click here to download a TRIAL ORDER FORM. Fill it out, and FAX it to me right away to the number on the Form. This “public” offer will expire July 31, 2010. Please note: No credit card is required, but I do request you are a SERIOUS entrepreneur and a dentist.