One of the most exciting things for me to write about are success stories from my private clients and ClearPath Society members.

Get this: TWO awesome stories came in today.

Both doctors I heard from (one via an email to me, the other via phone call this afternoon) are ClearPath Members and one is also a private client. I have no reason to doubt either. Why? They’ve always done well and never used the economy as an excuse.

As a result, BOTH of their dental businesses are up and they quite literally BOTH had their best first quarters ever.

Interestingly, they have the following in common aside from what I’ve already shared:

– They are both on track to hit or exceed $6MM in production this year.
– They are both aggressive marketers.
– They both travel on the path of independence, not really worrying about anyone else’s reality, just their own. They’re not swayed or influenced by the media, the government or policy being set by the government.
– Neither one sees patients a whole lot. Although, one does more so than the other.
– They both have 3 dental offices they are running (God Bless ’em for that! I tried it and I can tell you it was CHAOS/MAYHEM, but then again, I’m one that functions best in isolation on my own, not in groups managing people 🙂 and I’ve proven one office is enough for me to deal with!)
– They are always positive.
– They’re good, honest, ethical and downright hard-workin’ guys.

Now, are they unique in dentistry? No, I don’t think so. I personally know of a handful of other dentists off the top of my head that are doing as well and in similar circumstances. I also know dentists that are not doing so well, worried about patient flow, payroll and funding college and retirement accounts. They are cutting hours, wages and benefits and scaling back on the quality of lab work for their patients (that will come back to haunt) and trying their best to “wait it out.”

Is that you?

If it is, aggressive action is required. And, a change, perhaps virtually a 100% change, is required for you to survive and thrive. Things ARE different now.

On the season premier of my favorite show, Deadliest Catch (, icon Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie said to the camera a few weeks or perhaps a month or two before losing his 3 year battle to health problems:
“There are three kinds of people in this world:
– People that MAKE things happen.
– People that WATCH things happen.
– People that wonder what the F*** just happened.”

If you REALLY want to make change happen (and not wonder, “…what the F*** just happened…”), then consider a membership in ClearPath Society. No where else will you get the kind of information, industry tie-ins, success strategies, tested, proven, vetted marketing strategies and true “entrepreneurial thinking” that’s delivered monthly.

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The Business Anarchists are going to rule this next decade in business. The wimpy thrown aside, left to suckle at the little teet of big government. Where are you going to be?