There’s a lot to this.

You know, the idea of refreshing looks, thoughts, feelings, actions. Airy fairy maybe, but, I am sure, somewhere, some PhD student has studied these very ideas and has turned it into a dissertation worthy of publishing – or so they hope.

I won’t spend a whole lot of time here, because the concept is pretty simple.

Think of it like this:

If you haven’t remodeled, painted, laid some new carpet, added new furniture, refreshed your office logo from 1985 when you first started in practice, or, been as crazy as installing a TV in your reception area, then, it’s something you oughta consider.

About once-a-year, this website goes through a morph. And, it’s about time. Fortunately, with technology and cheap software (in my case, free, using simple WordPress), and virtually free “themes,” I can upgrade/update and manage this site with ease and do so in minutes.

Over the next week or two, I’ll be playing around with the look and feel of this site, how information is accessed, what is available and so on.

And, like GAP, I’m working on a new iteration of a few business logos that are older than my youngest kiddo… And, unlike GAP, if someone doesn’t like where I place the new blue box, well, tough.

Then, I’ll move on to physical changes to stuff…like at SofTouch Dental – the entry area will get an updating, decorating for the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, and, one new important thing I am doing this year – INVENTORY. And, I think I’ll get permission from the landlord to paint our door. Some of the paint is looking a little nasty. Ugh. Not a good first impression, is it?

In over 6 years, I’ve never done it. At this point, I’d be at a loss if someone were to ask me how many endo handpieces there are lying around. I have no clue. But, soon, I’ll find out.

And, we’ll of course have a cleaning done from top-to-bottom. Everything gets sterilized whether it needs it or not.

Plus, there’s a laundry list of other things I like to do every end-of-year. I purge mailing lists, getting rid of a lot of the deadwood “prospects,” ya know? I also purge client lists. I purge stuff from my office that is getting in my way, no longer useful. Heck, there might even

be a moron or two in my life that deserves extracting and send ’em off to find a new host.

There’s a lot of benefits to renewing and refreshing, purging, etc. Make a few dates with yourself in December, spend some time in your office moving things around, making things easier to access, paint a few walls, replace a few of those nasty, stained ceiling tiles (they take 2 minutes ya know – don’t worry, I’m guilty, too, but I am taking care of it!), hang some new paintings, gather up a few new patient testimonials, etc.