To Floss Or Not? #FLOSSING

Folks, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity here to shine in our respective communities.  Flossing is actually TRENDING on social media!

Here is but one of hundreds of articles already online:

The Dept of Health & Human Services, the government, is NOT helping you or me out here.  Get the word out to your patients on the benefits of flossing!

Email it, social media it, print it and mail it, but GET IT OUT THERE!

Here is one article you can cite, from Colgate:

But, do YOU, a dentist, really NEED this article!? I mean, YOU are the expert! I hardly doubt anyone from DHS is working in a dental practice everyday.

This is a golden opportunity for you to make yourself available to local media — radio, TV, and newspaper (plus local blogs) to generate some traffic to your practice.

Here is one dentist who jumped on it:

If you have a blog on your website, get an article up there ASAP and then you can email local media pointing them to the resource and letting them know you are available to help the public learn what’s best for them, etc.

Get on it! This is a HUGE opportunity just waiting for you to claim it.

~Jerry “Pro Flosser” Jones

PS. Imagine how busy you’d be though if the public really took this “anti-flossing” movement to heart! Man, there would be interproximal decay on even more patients!