Not long ago, I heard an interview with Dr. Howard Farran. I like Howard. Most folks do. A few who get offended easily and think they know it all, don’t. Huey. Can’t make everyone happy.

I invited Howard to Salem, Oregon back in December 2009 to speak at the local dental meeting sponsored by my dental assisting school. He spoke for 4 hours.

In that 4 hours, I took a lot of notes. About three weeks ago I was reviewing some of the things Howard said to see what we’d acted on and what had affected the office.

One thing that jumped out at me recently was something Howard said about prospective patients that call your office.

He said, “What questions are they asking your staff?”

“Are they asking questions about insurance plans you’re on, your hours, what type of credit cards you take, where you’re located?”

His point being that whatever questions these fine, prospective patients are asking are relevant.

They are the MARKET, the folks you want to attract for dental care, telling you what they want.

There are two things you can do with this information.

1) Nothing.

2) Act on the questions to fill a need the market is telling you it has.

Example: If your office takes more than 2 or 3 calls each week from prospects asking if you are a MAYBERRY DENTAL INSURANCE provider, and you’re not, guess what?

If you want 8 to 12 new patients each month, go add Mayberry Dental Insurance to the plans you accept.

If they are asking if you’re open on Fridays or Saturdays, what does that tell you?

I met a new friend on a trip to Chicago recently. Greg is his name. Awesome, really super cool guy.

He was introduced to me by my friend and client, Dr. Andy. Greg works in an office that is open from 9AM until 9PM, Monday to Monday. Yes, 7 days a week, 12 hours each day.

They do quite well and fill a much needed niche.

What are your prospective patients asking you?

You can do nothing or you can capitalize on it. Your choice.