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FINALLY: A Practice Growth Blueprint Featuring Accountable Marketing, Systems & Training To Attract New Patients While Keeping Your Existing Patients!

Hello Doctor, my name is Jerry Jones. I’m a former multi-location, multi-doctor practice owner of 15 years (yet, I’m not a dentist) and since 1996, through my company, Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) my team and I have trained and coached thousands of dentists to help them build their ideal lifestyle while increasing their net income.

And like you, every day for 15 years as a practice owner, I struggled to get definitive, useful data that would reveal, without question:

  • What new patient marketing was working
  • How much money it was making me (no guessing!)
  • When to market, how much to spend, who to target, and perhaps most importantly…
  • How my front office team was doing at converting callers to patients

Then, in October of 2017, that struggle ended…not just for me, but every dentist my team here at JJD work with!

Introducing the Profit Insight® Marketing Program, JJD’s brand-new marketing program and results-based approach to attracting more new patients and keeping those you already have. Custom-designed by me and my team here at JJD, this is the program I wished I had for my 15 years of practice ownership.

Doc, I can’t tell you how much easier and more profitable my marketing decisions would have been if I’d had this program when I owned my practices.

Imagine if you knew exactly what marketing was working, how well, who was responding, why, what they were saying, and how your team was doing at converting your marketing dollars to actual “butts in ops!”

Would you be making better decisions? More profitable decisions? Would you experience faster growth? More time and freedom to do the things that REALLY matter?

I can only believe the answer to each of those questions to be a resounding YES!

Let me share a little about our new Profit Insight® System with you. It’s constructed upon four distinct foundational pillars to maximize your practice marketing and management investment:


Pillar #1: A Customized Marketing Plan & Statement of Work. No doubt one of the biggest challenges in dentistry is deciding what to do with your marketing, when and then, there’s the question of, “Will it be effective?” Profit Insight removes the mystery!

Designed to make sure you cover every area necessary to attract new patients and keep existing patients coming back for more, this Pillar’s purpose is the blueprint to make your phone ring!  BUT – just making the phone ring isn’t good enough! What happens AFTER the phone rings is just as important as the call itself!

  • We work with you to develop a unique marketing plan based on your budget and goals.
  • Your marketing plan will also include any current marketing efforts underway to promote your practice, including any online efforts!
  • Your marketing plan remains flexible, and together, we’ll work with you to optimize it at regular intervals.

Pillar #2: Professional Call Monitoring, Scoring & ReportingWe all know that the telephone is the front line and first experience most patients have with a practice. What no practice really knows, until now, is just how great or how poorly patients are being received. Profit Insight solves that challenge!

Every incoming call to your practice for every JJD marketing event is recorded, monitored and scored by our team of Data Managers.

  • You’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and, how your team is doing – do they need training or are they doing an outstanding job? (No matter, since Pillar 3 covers you!)
  • Our trained Data Managers listen to and enter all relevant information from every call into a master database. The resulting “big” data is the foundation for all reports used in Pillars 3 & 4.

Pillar #3: Professional Coaching and Training. We’ve both seen the ads urging you to attend yet another high-priced seminar on how to fix your phones. The challenge there is the skills learned in a seminar, unless constantly monitored and continuously trained, fall away quickly. Profit Insight solves that challenge by providing ongoing, professional coaching and training!

This part of the Profit Insight® Marketing Program contains:

  • Live (ongoing), constructive coaching and training for your team to maximize every new and existing patient call
  • A variety of proven JJD-created/sourced practice management and internal marketing systems
  • The Practice Profit Insider™, JJD’s monthly Member newsletter, and much more!

Pillar #4: Marketing Event Financial Tracking & Reporting. If there’s one area I consistently fell short in it was this – the analytics – the FACTS about marketing investments I was making for my practice. When you know, to the penny, just how good or how bad an ad performed, taking the next action is no longer a mystery: repeat it if it worked great, modify it if you want to improve it, or kill it if it didn’t work at all! With Profit Insight, you’ll know with absolute 100% certainty WHAT is working and what is not!

Every marketing event report we produce for you includes vital statistics generated from our Profit Insight® System that helps formulate future marketing decisions:

  • Return on Investment reports
  • Cost per new patient
  • Collections levels at various intervals, and,
  • Estimates of Lifetime Value of New Patients added
What’s more, this is just the beginning…We’ve completed beta testing with several of our current Members in a variety of markets right now. And no surprise, the results have been incredible!

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