I wanted to bring you another simple, fast way to increase the production in your hygiene department.

This is a really simple concept, so don’t immediately dismiss it. Why? I can guarantee there are little tweaks like this you can make in your practice right now, that will make a big difference in the bottom line…just like the D1320 coding tip I gave you earlier this week.

My hygienist recently approached me and asked how she could earn more. Which of course, benefits the office.

I love it when I get this question. (My office manager was interviewing a DA the other day and she actually asked her what our office goals were! Those are the kind of folks you want working with you!)

I love it because it tells me she’s motivated and open to increasing her production.

If you have a hygienist on your staff that would like to make more, then this is super easy.

In my office, in January, we did a paltry 10 sealants. That’s terrible and less than 1 per working day (if 20 days in the month). In February, we did 23. A 130% increase. In March, we shot up to 76 sealants. From 10 to 76. Plus, our income shot up 770% from January to March!

There are three reasons why this worked and, why we have a simple goal to double that in April:

1.)  We were measuring it (what gets watched improves);
2.)  We were promoting it in the office (the entire team was/is on board)
3.)  We sent out a simple postcard to our entire patient base letting them know we had an incredible opportunity for them with this special “patient-only” offer.

That’s it. It really WAS that simple.

Imagine what happens when you apply this same thing to: Implants. Dentures. Crowns. Ortho.

Do you think your income would grow?

You bet your bippie it would.

So, what are you waiting for?

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