Hands-down, the Republicans are winning the debate popularity contest. You’ll agree unless you’ve been under a rock.

While Bernie keeps bragging about the size of his grass roots campaign, as far as engaging folks other than those who’re really far left, of which there are a limited amount (he scares most social and fiscal conservatives to near-death), he’s done a terrible job. No one I know that owns a business or understands the basics of how our economy functions would be in favor or him as President. Fortunately, I believe the Clinton campaign machine will eat him up, eventually.

For about 30 minutes, I watched the Democratic Debate held with O’Malley, Sanders and Hillary yesterday, the 17th of January.

It seemed to me, in the time I watched it, they weren’t debating against each other, they were debating WITH each other.

If they all agree, what’s the point? Does that mean they are all right?

I’ve been energized and entertained, educated even, by the sparring in the Republican primary. It’s engaging, too. There’s real conversations and not the same old re-hash and “let’s build on President Obama’s foundation,” etc. Not everyone in America is happy with the foundation he’s put down. That’s evident by the unusual participation from many sleeper voters from both parties, backing Trump.

If we want less of a democracy and more of a socialist environment, 50% taxes on ALL income, then the country will elect someone like Sanders or O’Malley. I hate to say, but Clinton is the best of the worst choices I am seeing, both as a father, business owner and tax payer. I don’t want my kids to grow up in a socialist society. If I wanted that, I’d move! And, with Clinton, while I am no fan of her or her husband, at least we know what we can expect from her…she’s in a way, predictable.

On TAXES: Nothing Sanders, O’Malley or Clinton would love to pass in the way of increased taxes will be bore solely on the backs of the rich – the middle class is the target! But the message is tailored to make the rich seem like the bad guy…When, it’s the politicians voting in Congress, influenced by lobbyists on both sides, doing their level best to keep “the game” going and their personal pockets lined. (Congressional TERM LIMITS, Please!)

The “establishment” on both sides are scared stiff of Trump. He’s an unknown. He does not need financial support and can’t, evidently, be bought. Every other candidate is at the mercy of the MONEY they can raise (and thereby, “owe” a favor for).

It’s a good argument to then be wary of anyone that is on the “take” to accept a nomination 1, and 2, who might become the next President. It’ll certainly be easy to find where their loyalty lies. With Trump, no one knows. He will in fact, ideally be in a position to make the best decision for the majority of Americans. Will that happen? If he’s elected, which according to many who’re experts on Presidential Politics, believe he’s at a 50% or better chance.

What I do know is that as a nation, we must steer clear of radicals on either side of the aisle and be willing to compromise and work through the middle ground of both parties. We cannot afford to elect a radical from either side.

What do you think?