ONLY READ THIS IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH POLITICIANS RIGHT NOW – It’s a SIDE-RANT & probably should be elsewhere. But, hey, my blog, my right, eh?

What follows are some thoughts I have on our current political situation…

Unless you are trying to be our President, you can’t do IT all for everyone all the time. You can’t be all to all. You just can’t. And, sadly, that will be the downfall of his Presidency. He’s trying to be everyone’s go-to guy. Everyone’s solution man. He’s not selective at directing our (read: YOURS AND MY) resources.

He’s minting money and throwing it everywhere at every problem. Now, to be fair, he’s got the support of a bunch of thieves in Congress, too. Takes 2 in our 3-part system to tango.

Now, his lovely wife, Michelle, wants to take on the food marketers and, in typical fashion, blaming them for our fat kids.

My kids probably see the same “influential” commercials, ads, etc. as most other American kiddos, but they’re not fat. Skinny as rails. They’re moving all the time. In sports. Active. Playing outside. Not sitting on their arses watching the boob tube all day and all night.

And, we feed ’em well. Fruits, veggies, fish, poultry, some beef, and, we stay away from the bad crap like corn syrups, too much flour, too much “golden fried food,” etc.

My wife and I, in all of our intelligent and semi-intelligent conversations, have never once even considered blaming the marketing guys! OR the food companies. Or anyone else for that matter.

No one is FORCING the fat people to eat fast (aka FAT) food and make poor choices of what to stuff down their pie holes, are they?

The secret to our kids here in America losing weight is: Movement, number one. And, parental guidance on the intake of the type of food, number two. It’s that simple. (I find the “movement” in our public schools and in some private schools to “do-away” with recess and physical education. How else are kids supposed to get their energy out and in check to concentrate on school work?)

Now, the government is forcing me to have healthcare. I don’t want them now telling me what to eat, when and how, nor do I want them “bullying” food companies to stop making their food look, taste or smell good.

Hell, the last Democratic President ate McDonalds and was proud of it. HIS choice.

The responsibility for the vast majority of health issues are self-inflicted. Most people are fat because, somewhere along the line, they made a decision to be well, large. The government can’t prevent that. That’s a self-esteem, parenting, deep-seated anxiety, psychological set of problems/issues.

What’s more, our President, at a graduation speech recently, warned grads of having TOO MUCH INFORMATION at their hands and that it can be confusing, etc. That to me, scares the hell outta me. What is he really saying??

OK, enough for now, and, I will do my best to refrain from posting too many political (right wing, left wing or in the middle) rants.

Oh, and before you confuse me with any of the above, I think EVERY party and EVERY politician is off base and out of touch. I spent a few years in DC working as a staffer for a US Senator…so I saw the B.S. first-hand…