Patient Reactivation

The ‘Hidden’ Gold Mine In Your Practice

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I’ve consulted with hundreds and hundreds, and at this point, I am sure over 1,000 dentists nationwide, in Canada and Australia, too.

Only about 1% of the time (that’d be 10 dentists out of 1,000 I’ve worked with) have I been shocked to find a client that actually pursues “inactive” patients.

For our purposes here, “inactive” means a patient without a “next appointment.”

When was the last time you invested in your practice’s inactive patients?

Has it been 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or has it been…never?

Regardless of your answer, unless you have a System in place to make sure constant contact is made with those inactive patients, your practice is losing more money than you can imagine, and you’re trying to rapidly replace income you should already be getting, with fresh, new patient blood.

Don’t get me wrong: New Patients are the lifeblood of a successful practice. The most successful practices in this economy are blessed with 50, 60, 80, 100 or more new patients every month. Those who are struggling are not.

But, if you can lessen the pain, and increase your income by just reactivating your inactive patients, would you do it?

Of course.


It will reactivate inactive patients in a matter of days…even HOURS.

Inside this time-tested System (I developed it for my own use at SofTouch™ Dental to reactivate inactives and I gotta tell you…it’s been an amazing “score!”), you’ll find:

– phone scripts – these are super easy to follow and “non-invasive” so patients will actually appreciate your staff “touching base” with them;
– a proven 3-step letter campaign to reach out via US Mail and grab those inactives and practically force them to call your office to get in;
– a detailed, step-by-step office manual any member of your team can follow to go A to Z in no-time flat;
– and much, much more!

Who doesn’t want to jumpstart their income? I mean, really? Doesn’t every dentist in America? I can’t think of a faster, simpler, more effective way to immediately get a surge of patents that already know, like and trust you and WILL take you up on your treatment recommendations.

There are actually two ways to get a copy of my Unfair Advantage Patient Reactivation System:

Purchase this System as a stand-along product, which ALWAYS comes with the support of me and Melody here in my office for just $897 (includes S&H), or, join my ClearPath® Society (just $499/month, $197 initiation fee, no long-term commitments, either!). Either way is fine with me! (Truth be told, I prefer you spend less – just $399 per month, and give my ClearPath® Society a shot!)

I guarantee you’ll get results. If you follow the 3-step mailing and do what I outline step-by-step, you WILL see a nice surge of reactivated patients! You have my 100% satisfaction guarantee to stand behind your decision to purchase.

It’s simple. Get started today! We’ll FedEx your Unfair Advantage Patient Reactivation System to you in a matter of hours, and you can get started right away!

All you have to do is just choose your option below. Either way, you’ll get Unfair Advantage Patient Reactivation System within just a day or two.

Remember, as with everything I sell, I’ve used it, tested it, and determined it works before YOU ever see it. I’m one of the few folks who’ll gladly put their money where their mouth is.

Get started, today! Mine that Mother Lode in your own office! There’s Gold just waiting for you! Order now!

Option 1 ___ Just $897. Click HERE to order, or on the BUY NOW button below. You’ll be taken to a secure PayPal page. Or, if you prefer, just print this page and fax to: 503-218-0557 with your ordering information (Name, Address, city, state, zip, card no., and signature to charge.)


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