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How To Add 100 to 500 or More New Referral Patients This Year

And Up to $750,000 in Production!

Dear Doctor,

If you want to have a big, profitable practice, I mean a practice doing $100,000 – $150,000 per month or more in collections, that throws off $25,000 to $35,000 or more per month to you, then you have to know the BIG SECRET that all big practices know…

The Most Valuable Thing You Own, By Far, Is Your…Referral Base!

Nothing else is even close.

Right now, in your practice there is a group of 500, 600, maybe 700 or more people (perhaps some aren’t even your patients) who have referred someone to you.

This is the group of people who keep you in business. They are your Mother Lode!

You could lose your building, your equipment, even your staff, but if you have a loyal Referral Base, you could quickly and easily rebuild your practice under any circumstance.

Here’s what I mean

Let’s say that you have 500 Referral Sources. If you can motivate them to refer in just ONE more new patient per YEAR, that’ll give you over 500 more word-of-mouth new patients which is over 40 New Patients per month!

How much is all that worth? Well, if your average new patient is worth $1,500, just by stimulating one additional new patient PER YEAR from your Referral Base, your practice can add, over the next 12 months…


Imagine getting 2 or 3 more referrals from each one! Here’s exactly how you do it…you gently remind them about referrals on a regular monthly basis.

You DO NOT send them a bunch of dental hoopla about crowns, implants, root canals and so on. You send them something that is fun, interesting, and useful. Something they will look forward to getting.

There’s a gold mine of referrals in your practice and all you have to do is ask for it.

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Jerry A. Jones, CEO
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