I can’t imagine most cos. helping dentists and financial advisors get their real, US-Mail-sent, printed newsletters out to their patients and clients get such incredible feedback from the patients and clients receiving it.

For us here at JJD, it’s not an unusual occurrence. Today, a few examples…

Just wanted to send a thank you for such a great magazine that is filled with informative, educational and entertaining literature.  I enjoy the puzzles as well.  I receive the magazine from my dentist Dr. George Mansfield, III.

Very truly yours,


And, here’s another, from Mr. Marvin Kramer:

I enjoyed my copy of your magazine. I hope I can get more! Is there a cost for your magazine? I believe I was sent the copy from my dentist. Thank you for the interesting articles. I hope to get others.

And, this one from Dan and Marlene Buck:

Subject: Thanks Zagulas!

Matt & Pam:

We appreciate this latest issue.

And, finally, we hear from Carol Barefoot:

Just received my first copy of your magazine and found articles relating to me.  I enjoyed it very much and look forward to the next issue.

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