In doing some research on and for a new client I found some unfortunate feedback that showed up during a quick Google search.

Have you searched yourself or your practice lately?

You can do it here.

I found two articles I think you should read, too. They appeared in the December 2009 issue of DentalTown and the latest issue of DentalTown. Both are by Dr. Tom Giacobbi, the editorial director.
– Online Reputation Sites – False Feedback Loop

Next to your “real” reputation, your virtual or online “rep” is as critical, because it can very often be that which is found most often by surfing prospective patients.

Do whatever is necessary to protect your reputation. And, from the initial research I have done, the best tool you have at your disposal is to have your patients give great feedback online, when you deserve it.

Also, join forces with companies like Angie’s List (, the BBB (although I don’t think too highly of their recruiting tactics) and the like.