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Direct Mail Profit Insider

The Direct Mail Profit Insider

“Jerry, your newsletter is OUTSTANDING! The information you provide is up-to-date and full of great marketing advice. I’m always able to find ideas I can put to use in my own business. Keep-up the good work!”

~Craig Simpson | Simpson Direct, Inc.


Dear Jerry,

Thanks for the newsletter; you’re really doing an outstanding education piece. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I learn from every issue, thank you…it’s super informative and a great read. You are a superstar.

~Ted Thomas, Florida |

Jerry, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You! You are the best thing going!!! Thank you so much for the excellent newsletter.

~Michael J McGroarty, Perry Ohio

Jerry has all the classic traits of an ole school copywriter with the ability to positively move, motivate, and stimulate his readers to take action, call, click, buy, and become your long-term patients. One of the strongest traits I most admire about Jerry is his integrity to honestly delivering the truth is his ad-copy while crafting compelling, entertaining prose, at times-hilarious…”

~Derek Freund, Rogue Marketing Systems, Brighton, MI

Hi Jerry,
I just read August…What a great read, loved the M A S S I V E swipe file. Got some great ideas and I was very surprised to see my member profile in your newsletter, that’s a page filling idea I can use.

~David White,, England

First you have the best damn newsletter for DM of any I have seen. It’s 3-times that old ************, which I have cancelled for this next year. Second, your letter for the direct mail package critique is secular … You’re one great copywriter!”

~Dean Killingbeck, New Customers NOW!, Michigan


Dear Friend,

If you’re in the mail, promoting your product or services, you simply can’t afford to be without this monthly update and “seminar-in-print.”

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how to effectively use direct mail to grow your business (it really doesn’t matter what kind of business you have!) at a blinding pace, with competition squealing like scared pigs, as you harvest more new clients or patients in a week than most do in a month, all while hauling wheelbarrows of cash to the bank, this is for you.

Back in May 2012, Dan Kennedy requested I speak at his Mailbox Millions Direct Mail Seminar.

Imagine the scene: The sharpest minds and seasoned experts in over 100 different businesses from 4 continents – many of them legends in the world of direct response marketing… listening, watching. I felt the pressure…I had no choice but to bring my ‘A’ game.

(I was one of just 5 or 6 experts Dan asked to present to his audience
of over 275, each having paid well over $2,500 to attend.)

In the 60 minutes Dan gave me access to his prized Private Clients and Members (time flies when you’re passionate and excited about a topic), I revealed just a few of my top secrets using direct mail to grow ANY business at warp speed.

In-Use, Proven Strategies
To Sky-rocket YOUR Direct Mail Profit$

At the end of my hour, I offered a one-of-a-kind, brand-new resource for the 275+ experts in attendance, and now, you too can get that same opportunity…

You might be wondering what exactly this newsletter covers… The most revealing way might be to share a few headlines from one of the more recent issues:

  • New Design for Direct Response gives biggest response breakthroughs in over 5 years!
  • The 5 Ugly Mistakes Healthcare Marketing Makes – With Deadly Consistency
  • Lazy Marketers’ Deadly Mistakes With Envelopes
  • Selling a Seminar? Copy and Strategy Leading to Million Dollar Weekends…
  • Headline Headaches? Solved, with Shortcuts to Success

…and much more! And, that’s just from one issue.

What’s more, when you join as a new Member, as a special New Member Bonus, I’ll send you the last 3 issues, FREE! (Easily a $300+ value.)

Is This NEW Publication For YOU?

I can’t say how long I’ll publish this newsletter. After all, I already have two successful businesses to run — an info-marketing business that caters to the Dental & Financial Advisor niches, and, a large dental office. (Incidentally, I share a lot about what I learn with my own direct mail inside this publication every month.)

Nor can I be the judge of whether or not this information is for you.

If you believe it is, you can take swift action by submitting your Membership info here.

When you submit your Application, you’ll immediately receive the last 3 months’ issues, plus, I have several special, unannounced bonuses I just don’t have room here to describe, all sent via FedEx. All at no extra charge.

What’s more, as a recognized direct mail user you’re entitled to the preferred Membership rate of just $79 $59 per month (International Members, $78/month). Normally $99/month. A savings of almost 40%!

But, Don’t Take My Word For It…

While the Direct Mail Profit Insider™ has only been in print for a little over a year, already, its value and “place” amongst experts, found. You can read some of the comments above, before this letter to you.


And, you of course have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee. YOU RISK NOTHING: If you’re not happy with your decision in the first 90 days, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny. And, if after the first 90 days, just let me know you want to cancel and I’ll stop your Membership immediately. No hard feelings. No problem. No questions asked. All the bonuses and past issues are yours to keep as resources.

If you have a heavy interest in using Direct Mail or you’re currently using it to market your business, and you should, join today and you’ll rapidly be on your way to having “Expert-Level” knowledge to drive more new patients or clients into your business.

It’s taken me almost 20 years to obtain the knowledge base I have, and every month, you can tap into it and get up-to-speed far faster than I ever did!

Get an “UNFAIR,” yet perfectly permissible advantage, now! None of us live long enough to make all mistakes, either; so, learn from mine… And, profit heavily from the home runs I share with you every month!

I look forward to receiving your response. Join today and, as a 100% FREE Bonus, I’ll rush the last 3 back issues and complete bonus package out within hours!!

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Jerry A. Jones

P.S. Just one game-changer you pick up from Membership can hugely affect your ROI from direct mail…and who doesn’t deserve or want that? I look forward to welcoming you as a new Member!

Remember, your subscription is fully guaranteed and you can cancel at any time. Questions? Email me at: dmpi @ jerry jones direct . com. Or, call my office: 503-339-6000.