More basics…What is a Newsletter? According to, a Newsletter is, “A bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.”

I’d plus the definition by adding something the writer of this definition probably didn’t consider: A newsletter is a physically delivered media that not only provides information, but SHOULD deliver a “back-end offer,” (often referred to as a piggy-back marketing effort), to increase a business’ or organization’s cash flow.

I do think email newsletters have their place, but in no way of any kind, are they a replacement for a hard-copy, US Mail-sent, physically-delivered newsletter. There’s no equal. I may get into email newsletters, but know the very same principles are going to apply there as apply in physically mailed formats.

Be sure to consult your Pre-Flight Checklist for newsletters, too. (Available to Direct Marketing Profit Insider Subscribers)

Additionally, a newsletter should be used in order to maintain a desired relationship with one’s client or customer base, through the thoughtful sharing of information of interest to the reader, not necessarily the writer or provider.

They can and should also be used to maintain a connection with those who’ve inquired about products or services (leads or even former clients or customers). We use this often with our financial services clients who might mail their monthly newsletter to a lead a dozen or more times, investing $24 to $36 into each lead.

They have already invested maybe as much as $250 to $500 into a lead, so an add’l $24 to $36 to convert them to a client is minimal. Particularly when they have large case fees, it just makes sense. In my opinion, every business must be mailing their clients/patients (and in most cases, their prospects) a regular newsletter.

Similar to the question I asked of you above, in the POSTCARD section, I want you to ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of each part of my newsletter and what is my overall strategy with this media?”

My belief and experience tells me you should have multiple objectives to get the biggest return on your invested dollar. First, educate. Then, some of the material included is designed to retain clients or patients, some to entertain. Still, other content designed to sell. Each and every aspect of this has to be thought out in advance. And, in many cases, months in advance in the event you want some continuity and thought in what you’re presenting to your reader.

Let’s dig into this a bit. When I set out to write a newsletter for instance, I know it’s got to have all the above elements: education, entertainment, the ability to retain my paying readers, subscribers or Members (and, even better still if I focus each month on getting you to refer another member), and, it’s got to sell something (preferably, a strong back-end offer is included with every newsletter you mail to maximize the value of your list – this is often referred to as piggy-back marketing.). And, something I haven’t talked about much: Recognition of clients.

I do consider the idea of re-selling readers on the importance of their decision to invest every month, selling something.

Jerry Jones Direct's Formula For Newsletters

Jerry Jones Direct’s Formula For Newsletters