New Patient Extravaganza

A special invitation from Jerry A. Jones…

The competition for fee-for-service patients – even PPO patients – has reached an all-time fever pitch.

Never before in Dentistry has there been so many Dentists competing for an ever-shrinking pool of new patients. So how in the world can you possibly…





The JJD New Patient Extravaganza!




Dear Doctor,

If lack of new patients has got you down, or, if you’re not attracting all the new patients you need or want, here’s why: The game has changed. The cheese has been moved.

What was working 6 months or a year ago, two years ago or a decade ago, for most, is no longer effective.

As a result, your new patient numbers are disappointing, frustrating and scary… especially if you’re like me and you WANT to grow. You know you’ve gotta have new patients to make it happen.

To make matters worse, online spending for new patient attraction by all dentists has skyrocketed. Competition is absolutely brutal, and in some cities, Dentists are paying HUNDREDS of dollars for a Google Adwords “click!” Just for a damn click…Not even a REAL patient!

I routinely hear of Dentists forking over $250 and up PER NEW PATIENT – and that’s just for those who’re tracking it. I’m sure there are others paying far more than that, especially if they are marketing for implant patients; $500 to $600 or more per new implant patient is not uncommon!

The competition for fee-for-service patients – even PPO patients – has reached an all-time fever pitch. Never before in Dentistry has there been so many Dentists competing for an ever-shrinking pool of new patients.  (You know it’s tough out there when Dentists start duking it out over PPO patients!)

Back in the fall of 2013 I held my last seminar on new patient attraction and since then, virtually everything has changed.

And, while I’ve not had the time to do anything about it for the last year or two, I can no longer ignore the requests. In fact, I’m hearing it more and more all the time: “Jerry, can you give me a hand? — What we were doing has stopped working and I have no idea what to do next to get the phone to ring…”

So, I decided it’s time once again to peel back the curtain for those who need or want to grow their practice, and give them access to the best (proven) new patient strategies available.

In 2018, I’m personally conducting three, 2-day events — specifically addressing NEW PATIENT ATTRACTION & RETENTION at the brand-new

Jerry Jones Direct New Patient Extravaganza!


Don’t Miss These Dates in 2018

February 23 – 24 Dallas, TX
April 13 – 14 Charlotte, NC
November 2 – 3 Salem, OR

(Venues TBC)

See You There!

If you want to survive and thrive, you must have enough arrows in your quiver to stake your claim in this new and wild world of dental marketing, where it appears those with the deepest pockets wins the day. (Or, do they?!)

Meanwhile, my Members continue to set records of all kinds – from production, to new patients to collections records. Here’s a note I received from ClearPath Society® Member, Dr. Willy Miyasaki, Honolulu, HI, one of the most competitive and expensive cities in the US!

WilfredMiyasakiJerry, The new Retro FSI went out today. I am testing it for the first time. It’s working great. My office got 10 calls in the first two hours since we opened at 8:00 am and the calls are still coming in. The staff could barely keep up with the calls, which is a good problem to have.This is the third FSI we’ve done in the last four months for a total of a little over 75,000 FSIs dropped. So far these FSIs have resulted in a whole bunch of new patients. I have never had a marketing piece draw as many new patient calls in a short a time as these FSI’s. Since my son, Dr. David Miyasaki has recently joined my practice, these new patients make it a lot easier for me to sleep at night.I would like to thank you and your staff, especially your designer, Sissel, for all the help selecting the right offers from your vast array of choices, tailoring the ads to my practice, and doing all the “little things” to get the FSIs printed and distributed on schedule to the right audience. It’s a great relief knowing I can rely on your ads to produce new patients, your team to reliably execute each drop, and all these new patients to put money in the bank.

Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Doctor, ask yourself: “What would just 10 new patients calling my office TODAY, mean?” Would it lighten the load a bit? Would it increase your cash flow, keeping you and your team busier?

I’ve been quietly working on new, better and more efficient and economical methods for new patient attraction, all vetted in my own office and those of my ClearPath Society® Members, and now, on three different dates in 2018, I’ll reveal my latest discoveries any dentist can deploy for incredible results.

Join me at this one-of-a-kind, 2-day seminar and WORKSHOP on New Patient Attraction & Retention, as I reveal my top secrets for attracting patients in any economy, any city, any state, for any type of dental patient.

You’ll get my proven strategies for successfully building your own solo, small group or multi-location practice. A few topics I’ll be covering include:


  • Dental Ad Basics – What Your Ad MUST Contain For Maximum ROI.
  • Branding Activities vs. Direct Response – What’s appropriate and when
  • How We Attracted 68 new patients in just two days – and how to handle it!
  • This strategy pulls in 200 new pts each year in just a single day
  • Get 5 to 15 new patients every time you do THIS
  • The Dr. Oz Strategy to become your community’s most-recognized dental expert
  • Old school tactic refined for 2017 to promote “new” practices
  • The Ol’ Ugly Green and the new GIGANTIC 22” long direct mail pieces that get the phones ringing
  • Using niche publications the right way for maximum new patient attraction
  • THE DEEP WEB: My secret weapon for new patient attraction
  • My Multi-Part Formula To Leverage Charity Events To Attract High-Quality Patients
  • Two ‘Nearly Free’ Cash-Flow Surge Strategies (take this home – to put to use the very next day!)
  • Membership Plans – One that works and mistakes to avoid, PLUS, how to leverage this simple idea to attract HUNDREDS OF PATIENTS a month (Warning: only if you have capacity)
  • And, much more! All jammed into two full days…

For well over two decades, I’ve been working directly with Dentists nationwide to grow practices and my experience/success ratio is unmatched.


Jerry & Dr Ed Hobbs


Long-time Silver ClearPath Society Member, Dr. Willie Miyasaki and Jerry @ the April New Patient Extravagazna


Here at JJD, we’ve mailed tens of millions of direct mail pieces, placed ads in hundreds and hundreds of newspapers nationwide, and have driven tens of thousands of new patients into dental practices, year-round – to include those stubborn months when no one seems to want to seek out a new dentist.

And, I’d like to pass the wisdom we’ve amassed on to you for your own benefit.

Consider the cost to duplicate our knowledge base; you’d have to invest well over $30,000,000 in direct response advertising to even come close. No joke.

Don’t sweat it though; you’ll invest a teeny, tiny fraction of that to attend my 2-day seminar, which will be chock full of usable, actionable ideas you can deploy Monday morning.

ScottSeierJerry, NP [new patient] numbers are still good, 90-100 the last few months. Also great job on the olive branch series and the tax refund letter; they brought in a lot of treatment.

Scott Seier, DDS, Buffalo, NY


Rest assured what I will share with you are not unproven theories, failed ideas, or has-been tactics that are hawked by online “postcard” or dental advertising firms you can’t speak to, find, or rely on to provide you proven ideas you can use immediately.

I’ve not only tested but use exactly what I am going to cover at this 2-day event in my own dental office, every single day, month in and month out. You’ll get the real McCoy.

What’s more, I have ClearPath Society® Members nationwide and in several countries using the same information right now to build dream, lifestyle-based practices.

Here’s a note from Dr. Jonathan Glatt, Lakewood, NJ:

Hello all, happy new year!!   Our first FSIs went out today…holy s***!!  Been open only 5 hours…10 NP scheduled already…  WOW!

Who in the WORLD gets new patients on the first day you’re open after the New Year like this? Dr. Glatt went on to do very well with our attraction strategies…

Doctor, you’ll witness exactly how my Members are doing this, first-hand as I also dive into the specific steps I’ve taken to build one of the most successful small group dental practices in Oregon, from scratch, Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem and shared those strategies with my Members, scattered all over the globe!

Tuition for the JJD New Patient Extravaganza is just $1495/office (doctor + 1 attendee) and $249/additional team member, with a strict cap on attendees of just 10 primary doctors.

Once you register, you’ll receive hotel information and about 14 days before the event, a schedule for the two days.

[Just one strategy I’ll painstakingly detail out, has driven hundreds of new patients into practices in just the last 30 days! And, you’ll take it home with you!]

Register now to attend one of the upcoming LIVE 2-day events; the…

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Jerry Jones Direct
New Patient Extravaganza

I’ll present a straightforward, New Patient Attraction & Retention Seminar & WORKSHOP  guaranteed to solve your New Patient Attraction (and Retention) challenges in one simple, fun, and entertaining event.

Reserve your seat(s), now. And, DO NOT ATTEND ALONE! Bring your marketing person or assistant. I’ll be covering a mountain of information and you’ll want to start delegating right away.

Here are available dates:

Don’t Miss These Dates in 2018

February 23 – 24 Dallas, TX
April 13 – 14 Charlotte, NC
November 2 – 3 Salem, OR

(Venues TBC)

See You There!


Dr. Ed Hobbs twisting Jerry’s arm…A little fun at day’s end


Dr. Ed Hobbs (Heath, TX), Dr. Willie Miyasaki (Honolulu, HI), Kevin Anderson (JJD Member Ambassador), Brandi Johnson (JJD Designer), Lisa Mellick (OM, Bellingham Smiles), Ron Sheetz (RJ Media Magic), Matt Prados (Gotcha Local), Jerry, Dr. Behzad Nazari (Spring, TX) enjoying an enchanting evening at Willamette Valley Vineyards after Day 1 of the New Patient Extravaganza


Before I go, check out what Dr. Gordon Roeder of Quakertown, PA, had to say about his results and working with me and the team here at JJD:

gordon_roederHi Jerry. Your marketing is driving in patients … like crazy. I have been averaging 20-30 new patients a month … and have no openings for weeks. I need a dentist to help ASAP. I am waiting in anticipation with the information you gain from your Denver meeting with regards to getting quality Associates/Partners that want to stay and grow with the business. Thanks again and I can’t wait to hear from you. Take care. Gordon


Oh, and don’t sweat it: If you’re unhappy in any way with the material I cover and proven, in-use strategies I provide to you, just say so and I will refund 150% of your registration fee. How much more fair could I be? See you in Salem!

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Dr. John Vellequette’s team, Dr. John Vellequette (Sunnyvale, CA), Dr. Bryce Bray (Thief River Falls, MN), Kevin Anderson (JJD Member Ambassador), Dr. Mike Jensen, (Vancouver, WA), Dr. George Altuzarra’s team member/office mgr (Dana Pt, CA) and Jerry, enjoying an incredible multi-course meal at one of Salem, Oregon’s award-winning wineries, Willamette Valley Vineyards



Jerry A. Jones, Founder
JERRY JONES DIRECT & ClearPath Society®[clear]

PS. You’ll see first hand, for yourself, exactly what “my kind” of marketing can build for you. I mean, ask yourself: Who else would be willing to give you their most profitable new patient attraction strategies like you’ll get from me?

I can confidently tell you, no one aside from me has the experience or knowledge base to pull it off, nor the confidence to offer you a 150% money back guarantee, either! … After attending, you’ll be one happy doc with renewed confidence, gusto, and cocktail party bragging rights like, “My business is KILLING it!” Together, we’ll build your bank account. And, make your practice GREAT AGAIN!

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