On July 17th, here at this blog, I wrote about what governments in the Eurozone are doing: selling bonds at negative interest rates.

You can catch up and read “why,” here.

Meanwhile, this article was just published yesterday…Folks, it’s coming to the US. We’re next.

What does this mean to you as a business owner?

When you make that $5,000+ per day deposit from your dental practice into the bank and you will be charged for it. Yes, the bank will charge you for depositing money — cash, check and even credit card/merchant activity. Oh, but that’s just part one. The first move they’ll make.

Part two: If you want to park your money in a CD at the bank, expect to not even get your full principle amount returned. Instead, expect to pay a fee to keep your money “safe.”

And, when your state, city or county sells bonds, in the future, don’t expect a return of any kind. Don’t expect US Treasuries to provide you a return of any kind, either!

This is the future…Please, think through every purchase decision, every future growth avenue and how a new and radically different economy will impact your business…do you really want to be in debt in a world of negative interest rates?