There’s no question the viability of newspapers continues to falter.

It makes me sad, frankly.

I mean, I love the black ink on the fingers with my morning coffee!

(not really)

A GIANT in the newspaper world, The Oregonian in Portland just
announced yesterday that it would be cutting distribution to just
3 days per week.

I can’t imagine my local paper, the Statesman, is not far behind.

After all, they recently unplugged the gigantic press downtown
that took up almost a full city block and started sending their
printing to The Oregonian.

BUT…Meanwhile, while blood runs in the streets that house these
bahemouth printing and distribution operations, there are
HUGE, and I mean ENORMOUS opportunities for folks like you
and I.

And I do mean SUBSTANTIAL.

And, you know, every time there is disruption in a marketplace,
there are always opportunities. ALWAYS.

Example: Yesterday, I got an email from my local newspaper
rep asking if I wanted “REMNANT” space in the local, neighborhood



Size of ad?


And boy, do those half-pagers work!

Usually, we get that same email and it’s a FULL PAGE for a measly

These are REMNANT space opportunities they haven’t yet sold as
of press time and they are desperately trying to get that space sold
before a deadline.

And, they bargain like you wouldn’t believe.

Truth be told, I could probably beat them up even more.

But, I sort of feel bad. So, I take their deal.

Every time.

It’s one of the reasons why SofTouch Dental, my dental office here
in Salem, routinely sees over 100 new patients per month for far
less than the average doc invests to get new patients on a “per
head” basis.

So Doc, if you have a great relationship with your local paper, or,
you don’t have one at all, it’s time to start and, take the next step.

If you’re regularly running ads (I can guarantee I can bump your
response, too, with a few tweaks — because 9.95 out of 10 dental
ads are making MASSIVE mistakes and actually REPELLING prospective
patients — but that’s another story for another time), just ask your rep
this question:

“Marjorie, Do you have any remnant ad space that is every available?
If you do, I might just be interested in that.”

Then, when you get the call or email from Miss Marjorie, just have
your ad ready to go.

And, if you’d like to see what I’m running this next week, just shoot
me an email and I’ll send you a clip when it comes out next week!

(ClearPath Members get a license to all the new patient ads I create
for SofTouch)

Remember…REMNANTS. Ask your rep about ’em.

Oh, and in the main newspaper, when they have full-page remnants
for Sunday, I snag them EVERY TIME. I get full-page ads for just
$1,000. The rack rate is $5k!