Hi [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /], Jerry here. Welcome to the JJD Members’-only Membership Site!

     If your’re a JJD Member, this site is where you’ll find access to all of the tested, proven and profit-boosting resources I’ve developed over a career that spans over 20 years. I’ve used these to open 3 offices of my own (selling off all 3) — so I’ve absorbed much of the risk inherent in the dental business by creating, testing and providing to you, that which will help you grow your practice, making it as big as you want, as profitable as you want!

     The vast majority of the content here at this site is organized by “System.” That makes it easy to track down that which you want to change, fix, implement or improve.

     There are also a number of training audios available to you, also. 

    If you’re a Dentistry Confidential Subscriber, you’ll see additional interviews added each month and the earlier ones taken off to make room.

     If you’re looking for something that is not here, contact Chris in my office ( It’s likely either in development now, or, just has not yet been posted to the site.