On this page, you’ll find a number of audio programs recorded for Member’s only.

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It’s also recommended that you catch Jerry’s weekly Radio Show/Podcast, too. You can listen to those episodes, here:

Mr. Tom Cowan with Jerry Jones on Leadership:

Dr. Jeff Anzalone interviews Jerry Jones:

Dr. David Maloley, from the Relentless Dentist, interviews Jerry:

Mr. Jeff Slutsky, Expert on Local Grassroots, “Old School” Marketing interviewed by Jerry:

Mr. Jason Marrs, The Balance between Price & Profit. Interviewed by Jerry:

Implementation Call + Marketing Audit

Here is the Implementation webinar Jerry did on December 16th. It is unedited, so everything is included. (Including the first 4 minutes of lead in time – feel free to fast forward).

Also included is a Marketing Audit form, please download it, fill it out, and send it back to us at: or Fax it to us at: 503-374-0722