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Dr. Engelby
Sedro Woolley, WA
{My initial contact with Jerry and the team at Jerry Jones Direct started with an email back in June of 2017. A few months later, I was invited to attend an event in Salem, centered around growing my practice. Jerry shared what he was doing in his practice and I decided to give it a try. Simple as that. Nothing else had worked up to that point to consistently and reliably drive new patients. I was, like many dentists, burnt out on failed marketing and the never-ending, relentless pursuit on the new patient treadmill. In a few short months, that all changed. After experimenting with different approaches, we found an offer and marketing piece that started to really work to attract the kind of patients I wanted. It worked so well, that it began to expose other challenges – from how our phones were answered, to how we were booking new patients, even down to the process of our new patient exams. And, Jerry and his team helped coach us through all of those growth challenges. A lot has changed in my practice since late 2017. Here we are nearly 4 years later – after a global pandemic – and we’re still reliably and consistently generating the new patient flow that is helping me reach my goals, month-after-month, year-after-year. Like most dentists in 2020, we were mandated to close our doors, but as soon as there was the slightest give, we opened back up, educated our patients, and kept the new patient machine going – a wise decision when others pulled back and didn’t invest when they should have. Working long-term with an experienced group like Jerry Jones Direct – with a founder that owned multiple dental practices over 15 years – through ups and downs in the economy – has been invaluable. Jerry and his team have provided sound counsel and coaching that gave me hope at the most unhopeful times. My big goal is right in front of me. I continue to hit my interim goals and those big goals – well, they’re reachable now. And I can’t think of a better partner to have along the way than Jerry and his team of experts. Don’t struggle for years like I did. Just get in touch with them today. Let them help you build a truly great practice ran by a great team.
Dr Paul Cardon
Jefferson City, MO
{Seven years ago my office was averaging a shade over 17 new patients a month without any marketing other than the phone directory and $300/month in pay per click online ads. The problem was, we were losing 19 patients a month after I opted out of the provider network for the plan covering our largest group of insured patients. I began studying marketing and experimenting with direct mail and writing my own copy. We started with a sequence of long form sales letters and a rented list. It was exciting to find what kind of results we could achieve, but it was pretty time consuming. I was starting from scratch and learning from my own mistakes, and it was obvious that developing consistently productive marketing would require a lot of work for many years to come. On top of that, I started to work on a regular newsletter from my office to our patients that added to the workload. After a over a year of creating content on my own, I found Jerry Jones Direct. I was ready to hire out my direct mail and newsletter work, but I wanted to work with someone who had a proven track record of applying direct response marketing principles. I could tell Jerry’s body of work was grounded in proven direct response tactics, and he already had years of experience putting those tactics to use in his dental practice. He was way farther down the road I was in the early stages of traveling and knew what it would take me many years to learn if I was persistent. We used to average 15 to 20 new patients a month before working with Jerry’s team of talented people. After the first marketing piece they did for us, we got over 45 new patients and realized we needed to expand our capacity quickly. We went from 4 days a week of hygiene to our current 8 days a week as we continued to fill our schedule and put “butts in ops.” Even with the closure of our hygiene section for 2 and a half months since last March, we still averaged 33 new patients a month during the past 12 months. With our monthly newsletter, now in our 6th year of publishing, we try to maintain top-of-mind awareness of and loyalty to our brand with our active patient base. There’s no point paying to attract new patients unless we retain more than we lose, and the newsletter has proven a great patient retention tool for us. Jerry’s team does a great job producing our newsletter with as much or as little input from us as we care to provide. Every month like clockwork they reach out to me for input and incorporate it into the newsletter. Every week I hear from patients who’ve read the newsletter, and every month we get some new patients referred by current patients—the best source of any we’d hope for. It’s easy for me to calculate the return on my marketing investment with the tracking of inbound calls to our office that Jerry’s team provides, so there’s no mystery about ROI. Our results have given me the confidence that we can be as busy at work as we want to be with the ability to generate demand for services almost at will through our marketing with Jerry Jones Direct.
Andy Koultourides
Munster, IN
{I have been a dentist for over 30 years and I have been with Jerry Jones for well over 25 years. I am still a happy client and I always recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a marketing agency. His team treats you like family and they are always honest with you. If you are looking for a new marketing home, look no further!!!
Dr. Lon Peckham
Priest River, Idaho
{I've been a client of Jerry's since the very beginning, since before he bought the company! And there's a very simple reason for that - he produces results! Whether you are just starting out and in need of a flood of warm bodies, or whether you're an oldtimer like me more interested in a selective niche clientele, Jerry will design a custom treatment plan specifically tailored to your own personal needs. Not only is Jerry the King of Direct Response Dental Marketing (the only marketing that gives immediate measurable results), he is the only credible marketer I know of that has actually tested and refined his skill set in his own dental practice. He sees through his client's eyes like no other. If you've got the expendable cash and are more interested in stroking your own ego with flashy "brand development", you've got lots of choices. But if your priority is immediate measurable return on your investment, Jerry is the guy; look no further.
mystery person
Dr. Carleigh Prane
O'Fallon, IL
{Jerry...the reactivation campaign went pretty well...We had just under 200 patients on our list to reactivate. I think we recaptured about 10, but it more than paid for itself. One patient alone has already done over $5,000 in treatment.
John Busby, DDS, Affiliated Dentists
Madison, WI
{I have had the opportunity to work with Jerry Jones for 10+ years. The innovative ideas and creative marketing plans have increased new patients, increased patient retention, increased revenues and ultimately increased profits. His "outside the box" thinking has opened new venues to attract new patients. Our group continues to expand our use of Jerry Jones Direct products and services because they provide proven, consistent, positive results. Our most recent multi-channel direct response campaign with Jerry brought in well over 80 patients.
mystery person
Dr. Vineet Sohoni
Florham Park, NJ
{Hi Jerry, Thanks for taking time out to speak with me. The information was very helpful and I really felt energized after our conversation. You are really awesome for sharing with us your insight into marketing and practice mgmt.
mystery person
Eric Greenhalgh, DDS
Seattle, WA
{Hey Jerry, I have been pouring over your blog [] and do enjoy it. Good stuff. I look forward to working with you and extracting your info........and growing with The ClearPath Society®. - Father was a client, now son
JD Murray, DDS
East Point, GA
{Hi Jerry, Just mailed my ‘guilt-free’ cards on 8/10. On 8/13 my second new patient in the office gets approved and appointed for a $6800 case. Her last dentist was one block away and didn't feel comfortable doing what she needed. Jerry, you're the man! - Long-time, 10+ year client
mystery person
Lew Richardson, DDS
Salinas, CA
{Hey, I know that you've seen better results from others but I'm still very happy. 10 patients from the reactivation campaign in the first week. 5 patients following your Facebook advice in the ClearPath Society® newsletter in two weeks. So 15 'butts in chairs' that wouldn't have been there. Thanks and I know it will grow. Lookin' forward to your next newsletter! - long-time client
Brian Handel, DMD
Wayne, PA
{Thanks for all your great info!
Sean Tarpenning, DDS
EU Claire, WI
{Jerry…Olive Branch #1… over 30 calls yesterday (day 1) for ‘Cindy.’ Very well done, and thank you. 24 New Patients have scheduled from your Invisalign FSI…I think I’ll mail it again ;). - 5+-year client
mystery person
Gigi Huynh, DDS
Concord, CA
{I recently joined ClearPath® Society after reading Jerry’s information via his email newsletter for several months and asking him a number of different questions about marketing, what he was doing, what was working for other dentists in my area. He was always prompt to answer my emails, and, even spoke to me on the phone when I called with additional questions. As I told Jerry, I’m not much of a ‘joiner’ of Societies, but after getting comfortable with what Jerry was doing, what he was asking of his ClearPath® Society Members, how he delivered value, I knew I’d be a good fit and be able to really make this work. I’m excited about the future of my practice.
Carl Futenma, DDS
Vancouver, WA
{Jerry, my ClearPath Society® Membership is worth every penny!
mystery person
Dr. Phelan Thomas
West Des Moines, IA
{Jerry, direct, keen, forthright, insightful, great communicator and to the point. I will make you proud!
mystery person
Gordon Shlom, DDS
Waterford Twp, MI
{I have been listening to several 'coaches' for the past years and feel that the information I receive from you is the most easy and honestly correct information to implement of them all! I always learn something that resonates with me and that we can implement right away. I find the little things add up. As a Gold Member, I especially like the ML/MD Office Gold Newsletter.
mystery person
Sally Sloane
New Hartford, NY
{Hi Jerry...I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your assistance on our FSI ads and to let you know how they did. The Invisalign ad kicked a**! It brought in approximately 25 new patients in a one- month time frame… So we are loving the Invisalign ad… Thank you
Mr. Jeff Palmer
Sterling, VA Dentistry
{Jerry, Just finished my first Practice Profit Insider™; thank you for a very relevant, informative, entertaining and useful publication.
mystery person
Jeffrey R. Prager, DDS, D.ACSDD
Bellingham, WA
{Hi Jerry, The retro Insert hit this am (18,500 papers)….WITHOUT the $29 cleaning offer. It’s 10:00am and we’ve had…………………………10  APPOINTMENTS ALREADY!!!!!!! WOWWOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. I haven’t had a response like that for years!! Thank you very much!!!!!
Mary & Dr. Alex White
Mobile, AL
{With the Newsletter implant special, we sold 25 implants at $3,082.00 each! We made $77,050. I will definitely run this again.