Earlier today, I sent out this email to my e-letter subscribers. By far and away, one of the most amazing reactions I’ve had in a long time to an email. Feel free to leave a comment if it moves you:

“My dentist rocks!?

Yesterday, I told you today I’d share with you
how to get your patients to make a proclamation
like “My dentist rocks!” or, “I love MY dentist!”

Because, if that’s not the response your patients
have when the subject of dentistry comes up, you’ve
got a lot of work to do – and in some cases, much-
needed repair work to a relationship you’ve put
hope into, but nothing more.

Here’s what I mean:

You don’t have to be the coolest cat in town to
wow your patients, but you do have to be something
many, many have a hard time being:


Yes, just being you is often enough.

That means, if you’re quirky, don’t hide it.

If you like only black jelly beans and hate the
rest, don’t eat ’em just because it’s polite.

Have an opinion. BE someone..

If you like fishing, don’t hide it.

If you like BEER, don’t hide it.

Talk about your favorite beers with the patients
you know like beer, too.

If you like fast cars, don’t hide it.

If you’re on your 5th wife, WHY HIDE IT?

BE someone, as in, be yourself.

(Hint: This is all about creating and living
your brand – your brand is you and what you
love, hate and your passions. STAND for something,
or, as the song goes, you’ll fall for anything, right?)

When you are you, people will react far
more favorable than if you pretend to be
something you are not.

They will have to make a choice: LOVE you or
hate you.

At least they’ve decided and you know where they
stand, right?


The two most profitable per/hr guys I know
in dentistry are outrageous in some fashion!

One guy, and I’ve seen this, wears SHORTS
and tennis shoes on Fridays. He’s even broken
rules of some kind, I’m sure, by wearing flip-flops.

But, guess what?

That is HIM. HE pulls it off. HE is a relaxed,
easy-going dude.

I also know guys that wear ties everyday.

One in particular I’ve gotten to know quite well.

Every day, tie.

Every day, MONEY flows into his bank.


People LIKE and enjoy who he is and neither
one of these guys pretend to be something they’re

Look…over the next week, starting Monday,
I’m going to outline a simple way you can show
off you, or, rather, showcase what you like in order
to attract more new patients. Keep the ones you have.
And, sell more.

All because you let YOU out of the bag.