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[urlparam param=”{First_Name}” default=”And” /], you might also benefit from this incredible offer to join the ranks of dentists from all over the world through the JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club!

What is the JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club? I’m creating the most dynamic group of dentists ever assembled who’re focused on the business side of dentistry and who want to mastermind, and take advantage of top-flight systems, marketing and business/practice management strategies pulled from my over 15 years as a dental practice owner and from my last 23+ years as an advisor, coach and mentor to thousands of dentists from small practices to multi-location, multi-doctor large group practices. This is THE PLACE for dentists who see their future as not only providing (or facilitating) top-flight clinical care and incredible patient experiences, but also for those who know that success in the future of dentistry will rely as much on the BUSINESS side as it has on the clinical side in the past. And, I want YOU to be part of it!

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Here’s what you get when you join the JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club: This is my favorite part! Check out the incredible benefits you’ll receive. I’ve taken it a bit further here to help you understand just HOW these benefits can impact you…


Every month, you’ll receive a copy of my PRINTED and MAILED “seminar-in-print” newsletter, The Practice Profit Insider™. With over 115 issues in the can, this is a direct connection to the brain of a marketing maniac, grower of practices and strategic thinker. Each and every month, I share what’s working to grow practices, to include specific practice management strategies, tactics and techniques we create here at JJD, or, born from our Members. You’ll come to savor, enjoy and devour this monthly missive as it arrives in your mailbox 12-times every year. ($199/month value)

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Join me on my bi-monthly Q&A Fireside Chat via video conference – I’ll be live via video chat for up to 45 minutes every other month – this is YOUR chance to ask me any question you have on the business of dentistry, marketing or business in general. I’m an open book on these chats. My consulting day rate is between $18,000 and $22,000 per day, so getting me to focus on your unique problem or challenge provides you a tremendous value and opportunity. Members claim I have an uncanny ability to snoop out the root of the problems quickly while also providing rapid-fire suggestions to address them, too! This is easily valued at $200 to $375 but can line your pockets with extra thousands monthly, if you implement!

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FREE BONUS: JJD’s Million Dollar Continuing Care Program ($1,997 value) We just finished this incredible new system and released it to our Members. This Continuing Care System takes all the guesswork out of ensuring your patients pay, stay and refer. We looked at every single “best practice” and process that makes up successful continuing care systems, to include perfected marketing messages, that will no doubt plug holes in your continuing care bucket. Doing this the RIGHT WAY and following this system could easily add a MILLION DOLLARS over the life of your practice. Failure at this very basic system, or just going along as you are now, could easily COST you a million dollars of lost opportunity over your career. This bonus ALONE is worth the price of 5 years of Membership! In fact, I wouldn’t operate a practice today, without this!

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BIG SAVINGS: We regularly hold events just for dentists like you to help grow your practice’s profits. It might be marketing focused. It might be practice management focused. Whatever it is, as a JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club Member, you’ll get preferred admission, advance notice of events to secure seats early, and, preferred/discount pricing. This little extra alone could easily recoup your annual investment in our club!


FREE: Dental Success Marketing Blueprint. As a new Profit Insider’s™ Club Member, you’ll also receive a 1:1 live video session with JJD’s CEO, me, Jerry Jones, to create a unique, flexible and customized marketing blueprint. Valued at $997, this blueprint lights the way to constructing the perfect, profit-producing practice, all based on concepts and strategy we know for fact, works incredibly well, no matter where your practice is located, who your competition is, or what your ultimate goals might be.

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Dentistry Confidential® Audio Trainings & Interviews: Imagine a library of over 4 dozen expert interviews, at your fingertips! Valued at over $1,392 ($29×48), you can endlessly stream these incredible dental business educational audios. These audios feature yours truly along with hand-picked experts who sat with me for an hour or so, revealing their best-kept secrets for growing practices and improving profits and lives. This is a veritable goldmine of learning! (Note: CDs are for illustration only.)

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Not done yet! We’ll be introducing additional benefits as time goes on for Members. Our goal is to provide you with the tools that can easily give you a 10x return on your Profit Insider’s™ Club Membership.

How much is JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club? I’ve already been scolded by several of my current Members for pricing this so incredibly low, but, there is a method to my madness. You see, I want to give every dentist every possible leverage, no matter if they are as they say, cuttin’ a fat hog, or, just getting started. Every practice owner should have access to this kind of information and advice…not just elite practitioners (Although, we gladly welcome that level of player, too!). I want to be part of the organizing force that raises the tide for ALL boats come along for the ride…not just those who’re already successful. For the next 15 minutes, club dues are incredibly affordable and discounted by over 50%(!) at just $99/month (after the 15 minutes is up, the price automatically increases to $199/month). And, you can cancel at any time. There is no long-term commitment required.

100% Money-Back GUARANTEE You must be thrilled with your decision to join the JJD Profit Insider’s™ Club. Cancel any time in the first 30 days and we’ll refund your first month and you KEEP everything we’ve sent! You return nothing. And, with no long-term commitments, you can be part of the club for 6 months or 6 years! How can you lose? You risk absolutely NOTHING!

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