Some mistakes in business offer an owner the chance for growth. Other, more critical mistakes can erase decades of careful planning and hard work. It’s these high-cost errors author and practice management expert, Jerry A. Jones, exposes in this book. There’s no question making mistakes in business is part of learning and growth, but by avoiding these specific business-crushing 24 mistakes, you’ll save yourself time, money and in the end, perhaps the nest egg you’ve built, too. Inside Jerry’s book, you’ll find 24 business-destroying mistakes – all of which he’s made and you’ll want to avoid. And, if you’ve already made a few of them, you’ll find out what to do next to fix them. Jerry’s easy-to-read and understand approach to finding and solving problems will make this book one of the most valuable you’ll read, especially if growing a large, profitable, problem-free business is your goal.

I’m impressed by how Jerry Jones managed to condense everything important about productivity and time management into a short and sweet manual you can read in a single sitting.

Time is the stuff of your life.

There is nothing more important than getting this right and you’ll find no better guide than this one.

~ Ken McCarthy

The Business Anarchist’s Guide to Peak Productivity and Time Management: Getting More Done In Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible


Less than a couple of decades ago, there were limited ways for us to communicate: landline phone, mail and fax. Today, we communicate in myriad ways. In addition to “the old ways,” we now have the distraction of social media – a giant time suck for most – like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and of course, cell phones, and text messages.

Call it “overwhelmed” or overloaded, regardless of how you choose to label that feeling affecting virtually every entrepreneur in business today – it’s a real issue. Unfortunately, most business owners give little practical thought to how better to control time to prevent overwhelm. And, instead of technology being a productivity solution, most entrepreneurs become hopelessly distracted, even entangled, in the never-ending parade of “newer and better answers.” These often needlessly steal your time instead of liberating it.

With these constant bombardments on our time, the successful entrepreneur must learn a new skill, and it’s not multi-tasking. We must aggressively choose what one thing to focus on, how best to strategically apply the limited number of hours each of us are afforded, and where and when to utilize said hours.

Inside this latest book by America’s Business Anarchist, you’ll find time-tested, proven and new solutions to age-old problems along with a frank discussion and clear steps on how to take back your time from the black hole technology has created.

This easy-to-read and understand approach to becoming the dictator of your time will make this one of the most valuable life management books you’ll ever read, especially if you must cure “overwhelm” and extract more productivity out of every minute in every day.

The Definitive Guide To Dental Practice Success: Time-Tested Secrets to Attract New Patients and Retain Your Existing Patients

Get ready for a completely different approach with strategies and action plans to attract new patients while keeping your existing patients. Inside The Definitive Guide to Dental Practice Success, you’ll find new, different and contrarian (yet highly successful) approaches to creating the practice of your dreams. You’ll meet nine different experts who’ll share their unique talents and insights into marketing your practice. You’ll also learn about The State of Dentistry, and its evolution – plus, where and how you can exploit these changes to your unfairadvantage. Frustrated by dental insurance companies? Co-author, Dr. John Busby will share his secrets for success. Struggling to keep your existing patients engaged in your practice? Dr. Darold Opp details his incredible program which has generated thousands of new patient families. Confused by the Internet? Mr. Matt Prados and Mr. Jon Keel show you their success secrets. Get started in Radio advertising with Mr. Fred Catona’s 33 Trooths. Get a handle on marketing tech with Mr. Loren Smith. Top Dentists, nationwide are published authors. Learn how you can be one, too, and, what it takes from Mrs. Nina Hershberger. Finally, Mr. Ron Sheetz will share with you the true value of patient testimonials and how to change the dynamic and differentiate your marketing using your existing patients. Never before has a book like this, from distinguished authorities, been published specifically for Dentists.

Dear Jerry, I have just completed a second reading of your book. You are SPOT ON in your observations and material. It is ironic, as what you are saying, was even true almost 20 years ago when I sold all of my dental offices. Just about the time you were born, I started here in Denver as a Dentist. Back then, as I acquired offices, they said I was “bastardizing dentistry.” Funny, how things seem to come around full circle…Keep up your great work in the profession, as you certainly are helping Dentists who are open minded enough to embrace your “gospel”, and take advantage of your services.

~ Lee Thomas, DMD
Centennial, CO

Dr. Lee Thomas is a former dentist and multiple business owner. He has successfully owned, managed and sold 15 businesses over the course of 40+ years. The businesses have been in ten different industries with annual revenues from under $50,000 to over $8,000,000.00

Want new patients? Get your hands on this book! Want real ideas you can use right away? You could fill pages of notes and ideas after reading this book. You won’t find rehashed theories here…you get concepts from a guy who built a dental office up from nothing to 4 doctors during a time when other practices have struggled to grow. How? Jerry has massive marketing and business smarts. Any chapter in this book is worth many times your investment in the price (even just the checklist for successful ads in chapter 5 is worth the investment…wow).

This book is packed with practical, useable ideas that have worked. Here are a couple other takeaways I liked: thoughts on traceable ad revenue. Examples of whats working in direct mail right now. Successful newsletters. There are a bunch of other experts who co-author chapters with great advice too – any one of which you could build your entire practice modeling and creating success.

I love books that give you access to real ideas from authors who have proven success. This is one of those.

Great book. If you want real ideas for new patients get this, read it and use the concepts!

~ Jayme Amos
Eagleville, PA

Profiles of Success in Dentistry

However you choose to define “success” in dentistry – total autonomy, freedom from debt, a profitable practice/business, spending any amount of time you wish with family and friends, living how and where you want, etc., you no doubt have come to learn that successful people in any field leave hints, or clues, as they make their own way. Once revealed, these clues and behaviors become obvious and surprisingly easy to emulate for those committed to a high-profit practice. It’s these success modalities, strategies, and techniques you’ll find artfully compiled, yours to use without further payment or royalty of any kind, inside Profiles Of Success In Dentistry. After spending dozens and dozens of hours grilling some of the brightest minds on the business of dentistry and in other business niches, you’ll find Mr. Jones has once again collected, distilled and added his own experiential spin on the savviest advice available in book form, anywhere. No matter if you’re a veteran dentist with decades of experience under your belt, a mid-career doctor, or, a brand new dental school graduate, committing the wisdom contained inside these pages to practice is a pre-requisite should you truly desire to reach the next level. This is Jerry’s 10th book. To learn how you can reach your peak profit potential, grab Jerry’s latest book, today!

About The Author

Jerry A. Jones, has spent the last 20+ years self-employed and making payroll for his employees in a variety of businesses (over 14 and counting). He knows what pressure, failure and success all look and feel like.

Jerry has started companies involved in real estate development, dental offices, equipment leasing, franchising, licensing, publishing, marketing, advertising, and sales companies, even private schools and seminar companies. He has served on the boards of a non-profit and a finance company. His experiences rival that of many successful entrepreneurs twenty years older. He spends the vast majority of his time working with Members, by providing real world, proven advice to increase their revenues and profits.

Even though not a dentist, in 2003, Jerry opened his first of three dental offices from scratch — Wellness Springs Dental® — to learn the intricacies of dental office management first-hand. He sold his last dental practice in May 2018.

As an author of several books, including Practice Building Success Strategies, Vols I-III, 24 Mistakes Doctors Make, The Business Anarchist’s Guide to Peak Productivity & Time Management, and The Definitive Guide to Dental Practice Success. Jerry has also co-authored two books with his mentor and good friend, the legendary Dan Kennedy, and currently has two other books in the works.

Every month, Jerry publishes a number of original newsletters including, The Practice Profit Insider™ , along with a nationally circulated magazines: Life, Liberty & Happiness® and American Dreamer®. His current clients and members are in 4 countries and consist mainly of the nation’s top-producing Dentists.

Jerry and his family reside in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, which is known for its incredible Pinot Noir grapes and other agricultural spoils.

As a speaker on a wide variety of business and success-oriented topics, Jerry has shared the stage with Col. Oliver North, Many-Time Super Bowl Stand-outs Rocky Bleier & Hines Ward, Dan Kennedy, Ari Galper, Ron LeGrand®, Ted Thomas™, Bill Glazer, Lee Phillips, Matt Zagula, Nick Nanton, Comedian Josh Blue dozens of others.

To contact Jerry, call: 503-339-6000, or fax: 503-218-0557. You may also reach him through this contact form

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