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Jerry A. Jones, CEO
Jerry Jones Direct

Hello Doctor, my name is Jerry Jones…

I’m a former multi-location, multi-doctor practice owner of 15 years (yet, I’m not a dentist) and since 1996, through my company, Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) my team and I have trained and coached thousands of dentists to help them build their ideal lifestyle while increasing their net income.

I have to ask… Are you tired of being an

Underpaid, underappreciated, yet highly-trained and skilled medical professional that’s treated like something akin to a ride-share driver?

Like maybe an Uber driver?

You know, at the beck and call of annoying customers whose demands are unreasonable, unrealistic and over the top considering the exchange of value?

Are you tired of just trading your precious time, blood, sweat and tears for a paltry ten or fifteen, maybe twenty grand a month for more stress, more hours, and less happiness?

Sort of like an Uber driver?

(BTW, a recent report places the average driver’s rate at $6.50 an hour.)

You’ve gotta wonder: Is this the direction commoditized dentistry is taking/pushing independent dentists like yourself? Is it really a “race to the bottom” where you and your services are de-valued?

Even now, today, when you’ve got it all on the line… Literally?

Financially. Your license. Your home. Your marriage.

It’s all on the line, every day.

And for what?

And, that “line” is tenuous at best. I know…I about fell off that line one month ago today (See my blog post: Of ERs and Men

God forbid, but you could be next.

I didn’t think I was a candidate for a pacer at 47. But sure as heck, I’ve got one.

Heck, I could cite Member after Member after Member of mine who’ve fallen off that tenuous line or had an experience equal to or far worse than mine that left them struggling to catch up after being unable to practice for 30, 60 or even 90 days or longer.

One Member’s experience was so bad, he was forced to retire from chairside.

Fortunately, he’s more business guy than not and he took it as an opportunity to grow from 1 practice to 2 and from there, adding a third in a few more months.

In fact, now, he’s making more NOT practicing than when he was practicing!

He’s been smart about his recent acquisition, too. Right place, right demographics, marketing works like gangbusters and it’s a feeder community to a larger city. It’s EASIER to get dentists who WANT to work there, too. And, he’s investing heavily into marketing his practice to PAY CASH for the equipment his docs need to provide superior service.

This life, this business, this industry we’re all involved in is Temperamental.

Subject to the whims of the economy, the insurance cos. and now, an influence even more powerful, I believe, that has and will change dentistry as we know it today forever: big chain dentistry.

Speaking of the economy, this morning, I just read that auto sales, an indicator of consumer confidence, slumped in the first quarter (As in just days ago, the 1st quarter wrapped up and auto makers are rightly concerned! They expect a 5% decline in MARCH ALONE!).

My dear reader, when consumer confidence falls, so to do visits to your practice.

To live in fear of what the economy might do, what your health might do, what your employees might do… it’s all complete and total bullshit, right?

I mean, if you don’t want to call it out, I will.

What kind of life is it to lead when so much hangs in the balance and so much is out of your control?


It’s NOT a life to envy.

It’s NOT a life to relish.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, it’s a choice to live like I’ve described.


And it IS total and utter bullshi* that any dentist would feel like they’re nothing but a life-support mechanism for a dental practice.

In fact, too many independent dentists are just that – a life-support mechanism for a practice.

They believe they have a business but when it’s all stripped away and there’s no doctor to practice, there is no business.


So, what do you do?

You take control.

You make a DECISION to change your circumstances.

And, you formulate a plan.

And, you execute your plan to gain the freedom and independence you deserve.

It’s not rocket science.

But, to go it alone isn’t easy.

It’s tough.

How do you know what to do first?


What should be the priority today? Tomorrow? Next month? Next year?

How do you structure your future so every possible odd is tilted in YOUR favor?

So those annoying pools of doubt surrounding you are squashed forever?

Like I said, it’s NOT easy.

It’s possible, believe me.

If you want an easier way, surround yourself with mentors, coaches, advisors who’ve already done what you want to do.

Your journey can start right now, jumping feet first into a pool of warm, clear, tropical water, with absolute confidence, and with the surety that you’ll succeed.

You can achieve the goals you want.

You can make big chain dentistry and all that other hogwash plaguing you and your colleagues completely irrelevant.

But, only if you take action.

And, that, dear Reader, is where most stop.

Where most hiccup and derail.

They do not act.

Here’s what I know after 20+ years of working with people:

Every group – no matter the group, the incomes, the professions – separates into two different camps.

Camp 1: They say they want to change but do squat to effect it. Maybe they buy something to appease their ego. Maybe they don’t. But, in 30 days, they are still the same sad sack of bones. Struggling. Whining. Moaning. Complaining. And, 60, 90, 120 days later, still nothing has changed. A year later and STILL nothing has changed. Their cries just get louder. Their supposed pain, greater. Yet, they do nothing of ANY significance to change.

Then, there’s Camp 2: These folks are drastically different. Not only do they act and invest in themselves, they pursue their goals with relentless ambition, movement, action and they have a “take-no-prisoners” attitude and they squash every past excuse and “reason” for their previously miserable or less-than-ideal existence.

Which Camp are you in?

I can only imagine you’re in Camp 2.

And, if you are finally ready to take your life, your practice, your retirement, your HAPPINESS to the next level and leave all the rest behind, then my friend, YOU are a candidate for my JJD Advisory.

If that’s you – if you identify as someone in Camp #2, click here to download the JJD Advisory Application and get started.

Show your team, your spouse, your community, your “friends” and the whole world what you are made of.

Show that little pipsqueak anesthesiologist pulling down $750,000 a year for giving injections and pushing pills the power of the dental degree.

It’s high-time you finally realize your potential.

Take action. Download the JJD Advisory Application, fill it out, and let’s get you moving.

Talk soon,

Jerry A. Jones, CEO
Founder, Wellness Springs Dental® Download Your JJD Advisory Application