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Some mistakes in business offer an owner the chance for growth. Other, more critical mistakes can erase decades of careful planning and hard work. It’s these high-cost errors author and practice management expert, Jerry A. Jones, exposes in this book. There’s no question making mistakes in business is part of learning and growth, but by avoiding these specific business-crushing 24 mistakes, you’ll save yourself time, money and in the end, perhaps the nest egg you’ve built, too. Inside Jerry’s book, you’ll find 24 business-destroying mistakes – all of which he’s made and you’ll want to avoid. And, if you’ve already made a few of them, you’ll find out what to do next to fix them. Jerry’s easy-to-read and understand approach to finding and solving problems will make this book one of the most valuable you’ll read, especially if growing a large, profitable, problem-free business is your goal.