Ever have this happen to you: You want to learn a new skill or improve skills you have, so you hire someone to help – maybe it’s a “coach.”

You experience rapid changes, great improvements, you see your skillset expanding and improving.

But, eventually, you “plateau.” You reach a point where improvement seems strained to achieve, if at all.

You may also find that while you’ve gotten to know your coach’s particular philosophy, due to your own growth, yours and the coach’s no longer mesh.

Now’s not the time to doubt the purpose of a coach.

Instead, you need to simply shake things up and find a different coach. This happens all the time.

Coaches, when the timing is right, will appear for the student. Whether you have to seek and find them or they just somehow find you at the right time is irrelevant. Be ready when that coach appears.

Here’s a good story to illustrate my point:

My good friend has been taking guitar lessons for several months, and by now, has the basics down pat. He became frustrated this past month in trying to get over the next learning hump. However, what he found was that the message from his instructor or coach wasn’t changing. And, what he also found was he wasn’t able to move forward with his coach and his training, until that message was changed so it made sense. The connection between the student and instructor was lost.

Enter a new coach. In a few week’s time, my friend located a new coach, had his first lesson and is enjoying renewed passion and growth in his abilities. Exactly what he was looking for. In some cases, it’s not a “learning” problem, but the delivery of the message and the messenger themselves, that can make all the difference.

If you’re in a consulting or “coaching” relationship to grow your business, learn a new skill or whatever, and you find you’re experiencing a plateau you need to bust through, and have the desire to bust through, be bold and consider a change.