What’s with all these dentists running around and doing dog and pony shows, masked as “implant” seminars??

Simple: it’s very, very profitable and frankly, nothing new!

Financial advisors and other client-based professionals (like me) have been conducting group selling presentations for years! Decades! In fact, if you dig deep, you can find the art of selling in a seminar environment goes back over 100 years!

Right now, I have a number of ClearPath Society Members who regularly conduct in-office, show-n-tell seminars for implants, sleep, ortho and cosmetic dentistry. Sadly, not nearly enough docs take advantage of this incredibly convenient and low sales-resistance media and opportunity to educate and sell their patients on the services they will most benefit from, instead, preferring to do 1:1 consultations, which are time-consuming and not nearly as successful as 1:many presentations.

Now, the best Members we have are taking their shows on the road and conducting small events in retirement communities, churches and more…basically, wherever they can get an audience.

I can’t recommend enough, how you could potentially re-invent your entire new patient intake and consultation model by adjusting to these very popular and successful ways to deliver information and get it acted upon.

If you’d like more information on conducting implant seminars in your office, reach out.