For over two decades and for the last 15 of those years, I’ve put into practice both in my own dental office and 100s of others: Leveraging new patient offers to induce a patient (or convince) to make an appointment as a new patient.

And, I’m not alone.

Two of the most successful dentists in America agree. In a conversation on DentalTown Founder, Dr. Howard Farran’s podcast, Howard and Heartland Dental Founder, Dr. Rick Workman, agree. In the podcast, Rick and Howard start out their conversation about their first encounter:

Rick Workman: Destin, Florida, first annual 1992, March of 1992. That weekend changed my life and you had a big part of that, and I mean that sincerely. I have got some notes here, but you taught me about the value of the location versus a doctor park. You taught me internally lit signs, hammered us to death on that, and you also introduced us in your first book about the notion of economic incentives, that with someplace between taboo or non-cool, but you just pointed out that it is not about that, it is about whether you want people to come in to your office or not. Because if you do, that is what you have got to do. You made a difference in my life.

Howard Farran: Well thanks Rick, that means a lot to me. And with the economic incentives, I think one of the problems with that is they are very different with women than they are with men and women make 90% of the appointments. I mean, I have never used a coupon in my life. I couldn’t imagine sitting on the front room floor cutting out a coupon to save a quarter on Folger’s Coffee. I mean, but they make 91% of the appointments and they turn in 90% of all of the coupons.

Now, here’s the rub…and go figure, but not all “coupons” or economic incentives are created equal.

In fact, the wrong one, timed improperly, can destroy a practice by generating the wrong calls at the exact wrong time.

The right one can generate all the new patient calls you could ever want.

Here are just a few considerations you should make before you ever decide to advertise or market your practice:

– What is your offer and why? Is it a free exam? Is it a $99 exam? Does it include a cleaning? A whitening offer? WHY is it that offer?
– Who is the target market you’re after?
– Where does this target market hang out? What do they read, watch or listen to?
– What kind of offers are they receiving now from other dentists or service providers?
– What proof can you offer that yours is a great practice?
– Why should they (your target market) listen or watch or read your offer or ad?
– What’s in it for them?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself before you ever embark on running an ad, hiring a marketing firm or ad agency (like JJD, for example).

Plundering ahead without answers to these questions and asking yourself WHY at least 2 more times once you provide an initial answer, will likely yield failure.

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