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My good friend, Dr. Tom Orent, the Gems Guy, and I are getting together on Tuesday, 9/12/17, 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern and conducting a 1-time only special


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…to support Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts!

We have Members and close friends in the wake of both Harvey and Irma.

No doubt you have friends or family who’re reeling or somehow affected by the destruction, too.

In Houston and the surrounding areas many dentists are still in cleanup mode as are entire communities.

In some cases, it’s going to take months, even years, to rebuild and get back to life as it was. In others, life has changed forever and will never be the same.

These natural disasters are something many of us will never experience. But for those that do, it’s life-changing, even life-threatening, stressful, and at the very least, a massive and long inconvenience.

Now, the entire state of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas have suffered an even worse storm…there are thousands of dentists who won’t be able to open for business to serve their communities.

Worse yet, there will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of homeless, fellow Americans hungry and without shelter and nowhere to turn but relief efforts as they arrive.

So this last Friday, Tom and I decided to do whatever we can to help.

We both agreed the fastest, and perhaps most effective thing for us to do was to invite you to join us on an hour-long webinar where we promise to hand you some of our very best tips on growing your practice (that have served both Tom and I well in our own dental offices).

All we ask in return is your support in funding Red Cross relief efforts! That’s it!

There’s no charge to join the webinar. It’s free to attend. 100%.

However, we will unabashedly ask you to support Red Cross efforts through a joint GoFundMe campaign… that Tom and I have set up.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $10,000 to support relief efforts just from this webinar.

And, with your help, we’re going to hit that goal and even EXCEED it!

Register Here To Attend LIVE Or Catch The Replay

Keep in mind, this isn’t cash for Tom and me. We’ll never touch it, never see it!

Plus, both of us have already seeded the campaign with a $500 donation each! This, mind you, on top of what we’ve already donated to relief efforts separately.

So, why attend this webinar?

You’ll want to attend if you want to:

  • Help our your fellow Americans in their time of need
  • Increase your collections; and/or,
  • Increase your new patient numbers
  • Increase the number of patients who keep returning to your practice

What will we cover? What’s in it for you?

  1. The biggest and most important reason is to support Red Cross relief efforts for hurricane Harvey and now, Irma. Many are in dire need and that need will continue for months!
  2. Tom is going to be sharing and diving DEEP into TWO of his biggest practice building secrets guaranteed to easily add $16,667.00 or more in collections each and every month…and that’s if you just kinda sorta follow what he says!
  3. Me, I’m going to not only tell you what I did to grow my dental office from 0 patients to well over 4,000 patients, but tell you what’s working right now to drive thousands of new patients into practices all over the US. I’ve invested millions over the last 20 years creating these techniques…they’re yours to profit from!

Big promises, right?

They are indeed, but, I have absolutely no concern.

If you know Tom Orent, you know he over-delivers – after all, he is The Gems Guy J. And, he’s one of the most sought-after dental practice consultants in America.

Next, what I share on this one-time only HURRICANE RELIEF PRACTICE INCOME EXPLOSION webinar has helped hundreds of dentists grow their practice – and recently, one in particular in Charlotte, NC, grow his $1.5MM practice 21% in 8 months!

I’m giving you two of my most successful strategies to bump new patient numbers, NOW.

Join Tom and me, Tuesday, 9/12/17, 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern.

We will stay until every question is answered about what we share… at least 60 minutes.

And, it’s all FREE to attend.

Can’t attend? Register, then make your donation and catch the replay when it’s released!

Register To Attend LIVE Or Catch The Replay

Register now.

(If you’d like to make a donation now, copy/paste:

We’ll “see” you on this LIVE webinar!

~Jerry Jones & Dr. Tom Orent

Our HURRICANE RELIEF PRACTICE INCOME EXPLOSION webinar starts at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern on Tuesday, 9/12. Register here to be sure to claim your seat and don’t miss out! Tom and I will be sharing FOUR MONSTER Practice Building Tips – guaranteed to grow your practice!

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