I just finished up two cool little things I’d like to give you to use.

One is an article I wrote for a local publication called The Canyon Weekly.

The other thing I’d like to give you is a little business card-sized ad I had Melody knock out for this same publication.

Why am I giving these to you? I’m doing so for two reasons:

1) I’d like to give you, my loyal blog readers, something useful for your business; and,

2) I’d like you to get just a tiny glimpse at the kind of turn-key New Patient Attraction techniques I share with my ClearPath Society Members (hint: check out the details of membership, here.)

Here’s how this all played out:

I was headed over the mountain pass (Cascade mountains – amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, and a great place to go any time of the year) with my kiddos on a camping trip a few weeks ago. We stopped at this little restaurant we frequent for a quick lunch. (These mountain communities are deserted much of the year, only hopping during the summer tourist months, so any biz they get they’re thankful for.)

My oldest girl found a copy of The Canyon Weekly as I obliterated a bacon cheese burger, and I noted they accepted ads. And, I also knew we get a fair amount of patient traffic from up in the canyon (Santiam Canyon), as choices are obviously limited for dentists.

Using my handy iPhone 4, I wiped my greasy paws off and emailed the owner and asked about placing an ad. I found out a few hours later, that for a whopping $60, I get 4 weeks (4 issues) of a business card-sized ad.

$60. $60 is a dinner for two. $60 is gas to fill up an economy car. But, it also has, if spent on the right media, the power to bring you 1, 2, 3, or 15 new patients.

For me, it was a no-brainer.

When I returned Monday, Melody and I knocked out the ad. After I sent that in to the publisher (gee, I just keep thinking, “…if we can get just ONE patient!”), I rec’d an email back asking if we’d like to contribute articles?!

Ah, DUH!

That’s how this article, which you can download here and use, came about.

And, you can download the business card-sized ad, here.

Perhaps both of these will help get you into a small local weekly publication – you know a little hinge that can swing a big door and bring in one, two or 10 new pts a year, and perhaps just one implant or ortho pt even!

Good luck and let me know how it goes…