I just added a crazy new benefit now available* for ClearPath Society Members: Call tracking.

It’s the ultimate tool to keep you, me, and your team 100% accountable for the advertising done and calls generated.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been investing some serious time and money in setting up this brand-new call tracking and advertising accountability feature. It’s been a long-time coming and, I’ve waited on the sidelines as these services improve and features become easier to utilize, etc.

The process is totally seamless for you and your team. Here are some of the really cool features available:

At the same time, the call will be routed through an amazing set of hardware and software solutions that will:

– alert you via email when a call is made and answered. you can also check on the length of the call and, if enabled, listen to a recording of the call (highly useful for training),
– alert you via email when a call is made and MISSED by your team (this will help you staff appropriately),
– provide you the name (when available) and phone number of each person calling, and,
– more!

I’m looking forward to this enhanced ability we both have to track calls and help coach your team to greatness on answering and appointing new patients.

If you have any questions about this new technology now available, just contact me via email or phone.

*You can get as many or as few additional numbers as you want – all local numbers! Each number is just $15/month and offer a low, low per-minute charge of $.10 per minute.