What Successful Dentists Are Doing To Grow Their Practices Every Month

Have you heard of the Business of Dentistry audio series, Dentistry Confidential®?

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I don’t drive a ton since I don’t have a commute, but when I do, I listen. And, to say learning from audio CDs has been profitable for me, would be a major understatement.

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On this month’s audio (which you can stream right away – or, if you’re here in the US, you can stream it and we’ll send you the physical CD, too), I interview the brilliant and self-acclaimed lazy, 3-day dentist, Dr. Chris Griffin.

In this hour-long entertaining interview, you’ll get no less than two of Chris’ top secrets that allow him to produce $12,000 or more per day during his 3-day weeks.

A few of the other topics we discuss are:

  • How to implement successful systems
  • Success and Sticky Notes…you won’t believe how he uses these!
  • The two more important things to meet or exceed your goals
  • What drives success for dentists like Chris
  • Got Millenials? How to deal with the new generation as employees
  • The Enjoyment Paradigm
  • How Chris overcame a burned-to-ground practice and came back stronger than ever!
  • And, much, much more. . .

I’d like to invite you along for the journey so you, too, can profit from this incredible monthly audio!

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Join me and our monthly experts to Make Dentistry Great Again!


Jerry A. Jones, CEO
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