“Doctor, I want to invest in YOU!”
~Jerry A. Jones, CEO, Jerry Jones Direct
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Dear Doctor,

Are you tired of all the lies, misdirection, subterfuge, and, “…sign here, with your card number and you’ll be successful, too!” unrelenting sales pitches coming at you on the Internet, Facebook, in the journals, in the mail and daily, in your email inbox, with some even invading your office just to line their pockets with no concern about you, your goals or what you even want?

With all the noise and false promises by so-called “overnight successes” – like…

Washed-up has-been colleagues who couldn’t “make it” in practice, and Totally inexperienced millennials who’d rather sell YOU their B.S “borrowed” from someone else… OR, Tired, low-energy, overpriced consultants charging in the high 5 to even 6-digits for the same old, re-hashed and re-labelled information that just doesn’t work, OR, “Success merchants” running big ads in Dental Economics, DentalTown…
…It has become nearly impossible to discern
what truths exist and actually work to grow a practice!
I get it. I saw it daily during my time as a practice owner, too, and frankly, it’s a shame – disgusting in fact. And, like you, I get the very same journals and nonsensical emails, and appeals from near-broke consultants, desperate to separate you from your money.

More… The internet has made it easy – far too easy I believe – for these shysters to confuse, confound and nearly destroy all semblance of what it really takes to build a successful practice. And I’m not going to stand idly by and let you get taken advantage of.

Introducing my simple, direct, time-proven approach to practice growth. And, the best news of all?
Our relationship doesn’t start with you writing a check.
In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I’m prepared to make an investment in you. A $293.00 investment. Why would I do that? Simple: I believe so deeply in what we do and its effectiveness (and our track record), that I’ll write my own check to get it in your hands! And, I’ll deliver your gift via First Class US Mail, at no charge or obligation to you, EVER!

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See you at the top!
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