No doubt you have a website, right?

No doubt you have it so that it does really, just one thing: produces phone calls from prospective patients who want what you got.

What? That’s not what you want from your site?

Holy proton, dude/ette. WHY the H. E. Double-Hockey-Sticks NOT?

For 15 years, all I ever wanted from my dental practice website was phone calls from people who wanted what we had to offer – dental care.

Simple question: Is that happening now? Are you getting new patient calls DAILY from your website?

You are? How do you know?

Do they send you a report?

I bet. And, do they also send you a report showing you number of unique calls that are ONLY prospective patients? I doubt it.

Look, if you’re not getting what you want or deserve or frankly, NEED from that website of yours, let’s truly find out, first, what’s going on.

But, before I tell you more about that… let me share a quick story with a Member of mine.

Dr. G.S. has been a JJD Member for years. In fact, decades. He goes back to the late 90s. Yes, that long ago. 20+ years.

And, it’s taken him 20+ years to finally give our digital services a shot here at JJD.

And, guess what?

The new “review” portion of his website collected SEVEN 5-star reviews in 9 days.

Next, my digital team posted his new site, live, Friday afternoon of last week.

On Saturday, it popped out a new patient that just “knew” they needed a root canal.

On Monday, it popped out another new patient. 2 patients, 3 days. And, we’re just getting started.

Does your website garner 5-star reviews for you? Ever had 7 in 9 days?

Does it drop new patients right into your schedule? With nearly no effort at all on the part of your front office team?

I’m gonna guess not.

What would that mean to your practice? What if your front office spent less time scheduling new patients because a portion were scheduling themselves? What if your front office could invest more time with the people in your office?

Would that affect workflows? Make things more efficient? What if your front office could spend 3o to 6o minutes extra every day with your existing patients — those handing you money!?

Imagine how that would affect your income!

(This all leads to a simple formula: more time with patients = more trust built = more treatment)

Ready to generate more new patients from the interwebs and a higher ROI on your interwebs’ marketing investment?

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That’s all there is to it.

We’d like YOU to be our next success story. It’s never too late. Dr. G.S. is proof…

Oh, and I can’t WAIT to see what kind of ROI he has in his first month!Adios,Jerry

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We don’t sell here at JJD in our Discovery Sessions. We ask questions and based on your answers, provide guidance and counsel on marketing and advertising (and practice mgmt.) and let you make the decisions. YOU drive the bus, baby!

You can schedule a simple, FREE, no-obligation Digital Discovery Session here: