WARNING: this might hurt a bit…

Just a couple weeks ago we were able to show Dr. Smith (not his real name for obvious reasons) just how much of his money was being unknowingly squandered.

It was so bad in fact, I am pretty sure he cried a little when we showed him exactly what was going down.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done this… Another doctor recently heard similar news and there was definite cussing.

Pretty sure he dropped an ‘F’ bomb. I know I would have.


There’s a deep lesson here, so I want you to pay close attention.

But first, what’d it cost these guys (And an obvious question, what might it be costing you)?

$3,500.00 for one.

$2,450 for the other.

By the way, that’s not annually.

That’s not every six months.

Not even quarterly.

Nor, get this…monthly.

It was EVERY week.

Every week, these two docs were losing between $2,450 and $3,500 on average.

Some weeks worse than others.

Even playing averages, at the end of just one single month, they were looking at losses of between $9,800 and $14,000, or, $117,600 and $168,000 ANNUALLY.

Been in practice 20 years? That’s up to $3,360,000 cash. THREE MILLION!!!!


As in, gonezo.

When you find out no less than $3,500 per week is being flushed down the drain, how would you feel?

Like you’d been gut-punched?

The wind knocked right out of you?

You should. It frankly should rock your world.

It should make you mad.


And, not at anyone other than the certified-smart man/woman looking back at you in the mirror.

Thing is, I can almost guarantee your practice is suffering some similar fate, right now, and you are completely and totally, even blissfully unaware.

And it’s probably been going on for years!

Here’re the facts:

In the average JJD-affiliated practice (a practice works hand-in-hand with us to learn these kinds of things), we’ve discovered that the average patient (over all of the practices we work with) has a value of $350 to the practice in INCOME, in the first 90 days.

Sure, some are higher (way higher) and some are lower, as in less than $50.

Thing is, $350 isn’t chump change. Especially when you start multiplying it by 7, 10, 14, 21, 30, 40, or more times. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly!

(Here’s the math: 7 NPs/week LOST x $350 = $2,450 & 10 NPs/week LOST x $350 = $3,500)

Get my drift?

You see, these two practices were losing 7 to 10 new patients every week due to reasons that are nearly 95% preventable.


And they had no idea.

No clue.

They were mushrooms in the dark, just soaking up the poop (that’s what mushrooms grow in in case you didn’t know).

Until we exposed it.

Until we exposed their true reality, these two docs had some of the same concerns you have: DSOs stealing your patients, insurance cos. not increasing reimbursements, staff leaving, high levels of cancellations and no shows, and on and on. All the same “concerns” I hear about every day (which are also mostly preventable).

Until we exposed the ugly underbelly of their practices, those were the things that kept them awake at night.

Now, their focus is different. They’re paying attention to what matters. They’re minding their own “store,” or practice.

They could give two shi** about any of those other noisy things.

You see, when you discover that you are losing that kind of cash every single week, you can’t help but focus on the prevention and ignore all the BS you can’t control anyway.

Makes you wonder… If these two docs were losing this kind of cash, what might your practice be losing?

It pays to find out. To dig in. Investigate. Get some answers. Maybe even PAY to find out what’s going on you have no idea about that is silently robbing you of peace of mind, cold hard cash, and patients that should be yours.

Get the facts. Go here and schedule your Discovery Session (it’s free, no hype, no pressure, no B.S. – just helpful information for you to ponder) NOW:

Gird your loins lest you get kicked (or punched in the gut),